Tuesday, June 29

Smoke Dza Is Dope(Literally)!

Smoke Dza  needs a major push. Every demographic I've played this to loves this song, and it be all kinds of different mofo's at my crib!
Smoke Dza "Marley & Me rmx ft Devin, Curren$y, Asher Roth"

buy Smoke Dza 's Substance Abuse here

Sunday, June 27

We all like Weed right? Shit That Crank Hemi Edition!

Mystikal Still Smokin

This shit should be in every cd book:Unpredictable
Styles P I Get High

Best LOX solo: Gangster & A Gentleman and my man wrote a book :Invincible: A Novel
This is for you rookie smokers Redman How To Roll A Blunt

After you roll that watch How High
While I think it's cliche to say that's gangsta, this video is gangsta. Shout to who put this together.

Don't fake Bone owned the world when E 1999 Eternal came out.
What you know about this
Cab Calloway Reefer Man

I wake up everyday thinking this
Cypress Hill I Want To Get High

Here's where it all started: Cypress Hill
Y'all can tell I'm from the 90's right?
Outkast Crumblin Erb

 Cop the new Big Boi:Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty
Devin the Dude passed me a blunt at the Up In Smoke Tour, true story.
Devin the Dude Doobie Ashtray
We know Devin's about the herb but this cover looks like he's about to do a line: Just Tryin Ta Live
Fiend Who Got That Fire

 There's One in Every Family is the best No Limit cd!
Luniz I Got 5 On It(remix)Featuring Dru Down, Richie Rich, E-40, Shock G and Spice 1
  I actually liked this better than the original. We'll do more on this subject later!

Saturday, June 26

Whitefolkz! This man is doin it!

I can't beleive I'm just finding out about this cat. My man's worked with Tone Trump,Mully Man, Kingpen Slim, Chevy P from Field Mob, and more!
Buy his music here
Peep this, my man's laying on the girl spittin:


"New music from Thadd Williams - What More Can I Say off of Blue Collar Code"

These guys hit me up and sent me this track.
Twiturm.com - Thadd Williams - What More Can I Say
Dude definitely got a mic presence. I'm feeling the beat as well. It boggles my mind how much undiscovered talent is in DC,MD, and Va! I'm sure we'll hear more from the Mic Fiend Music Crew!

NOE !! Interview coming tomorrow!

The Baltimore Banga, Burberry Boss, and I'm seised my first interview is going to be with someone I fuck with hard. Here's why:

Damn my man holds it down for Maryland.

Wednesday, June 23

Happy B-Day Memphis Bleek!

Making Easy Money Pimpin Hoes In Style. Bleek gets slept on hard, put his greatest hits up with a lot of people & they're short.
Memph Bleek Is

Jay-Z, Memph, & Beans Change The Game. Damn I miss those days!

This is one of my all time favorites. Bleek I can relate!
Memphis Bleek In My Life

This is an smoking anthem that the Roc never duplicated. Memphis Bleek "I Get High"

Buy Bleek's music:The Understanding [Explicit], M.A.D.E. [Explicit], Coming Of Age [Explicit],534 [Explicit]

Big L

My guys over at Big L Harlem King are dedicated to keeping the late great Lamont Coleman's memory alive. I'm going to be interviewing one of them in front of his mural in Harlem. Here's why Big L should never be forgotten:

Follow them on twitter and help them spread the word!
Buy Big L music:Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous [Explicit] and Vinyl! Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous , The Big Picture [Explicit]

Sunday, June 20

I miss Ray Cash!

Ray Cash's debut album Cash On Delivery is the most underrated rap album ever. That shit was a classic for real. Don't Beleive me:

and then you get this:

You can not fuck with that storytelling. How about this:

He wasn't just trying to kick knowledge. Don't sleep, Ray Cash is 80's words! Ill, Dope, and Butter!
Buy Ray Cash music:  Rose' Ray
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Saturday, June 19

Maino & Vado go in!

This shit is more hot fire than 5 Dylan's. I still bump Maino's Unstoppable mixtape on the regular.

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Buy If Tomorrow Comes... [Explicit] support Maino, y'all claim you want real street rappers, right?
BuyCam'ron & The U.N. Presents "Heat In Here" Vol.1 (Explicit) don't lame out!

Kanye vs Cleveland J.R.! Hot Fire!

Kid N Play

What you know bout this?

Hammer Man

Can you tell what I've been doing?

Jim Carey as Vanilla Ice.

Don't forget before Ace Ventura, Carey was the man on In Living Color.

Texas to Harlem!

Good things happen when Harlem and The Lone Star State hook up!
A-Mafia "Freestyle" ft. Magno
Mafia's selling coke and ganja's/and keep a bad yellow bitch like Pocahonta's.Don't ask me why they got a picture of Jay Bezel. Only version I could find.

follow A-Mafia on twitter
Cam'ron "What Means the World 2 U" rmx ft. UGK, Luda, Trina, Juelz
This shit got a lot of quotables, too many to list!

Best UGK site on the web right here The Trill Connection
Jim Jones "End of the Road" ft. TIP, Bun-B
Even though TIP got the best verse, this definitely got that knock

Buy King Uncaged : King Uncaged (Explicit)
J.R. Writer "That's A Bet" ft. Paul Wall
Off J.R. Writer's debut.

Buy Paul Wall's new album Heart of a Champion
Purple Punch - Dipset, 3-6 Mafia, UGK

Buy Sizzurp
Bust Ya Gunz: Killa and Lil Flip

Follow Lil Flip on twitter

Jay Bezel Dopeman is underrated! "Dopeman" Jay Bezel

How these blogs ain't blow this shit up? Aren't they all in love with Young Money and Clipse? This shit go brainless solid, it's stupid hard!

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Friday, June 18

New Artist Gitty Dough

This man Gitty hit me up on twitter and I think he's got potential. I like Bars (he's the 2nd rapper) and Tweakin.

Gitty Dough's myspace 
Follow Gitty on twitter

Shit that Crank Killer Mike "Devil Is A Lie"

This goes so hard it get's it's own Shit that Cranks!

Freddie Gibbs "The Ghetto"

Freddie Gibbs got that knock.

Follow Freddie on Twitter FreddieGibbs

Lady Luck if skills sold...

Lady Luck would have elevators in her guest house.

Follow Luck on twitter @iamladyluck

Un Kasa Al Quaeda's most vividest author

Happy Birthday Un Kasa. Shouts to the whole Skull Gang. I got a feeling they'll do something big this summer.
Un Kasa Intro from Diplomatic Immunity

Kasa always sounds like he's hungry.
Buy Un Kasa music hereThe Best Of Un Kasa
Follow Un Kasa on twitter @iamunkasa

Ron Artest ft. Mike Jones, Capone, Nature "Get Lo"

Ron-Ron got him a ring. Look for his single "Champions." Shout out to his shrink. Peep MC Shan at the 2:30.

Kobe Bryant K.O.B.E. ft Tyra Banks

Congratulations to the Lakers. Fortunately Kobe will never have to go to plan B.

Thursday, June 17

Missy Elliot I Can't Stand The Rain Screwed Up

Missy Elliot I Can't Stand The Rain.
Anyone who dosn't like screwed up music needs to listen to this off the dank , preferably with a cup of drank

Shit That Crank

Ludacris - Growing Pains
Even if you couldn't fuck with the silly shit, you couldn't front on this. Either this or the UGK track off his debut is my favorite Luda track.

follow Luda on twitter http://twitter.com/ludajuice
Cop the Conjure Cognac (just don't throw any demo's in the toilet) www.67liquor.com
American Dream C.O.C.
This shit makes me heated thinking about what could of been.

follow McGruff on twitter http://twitter.com/THEREALMCGRUFF
David Banner Cadillac's on 22's
David Banner should make a blue's album.

Buy Mississippi-The Album [Explicit]
You have to, that man had a R.I.P. Emmit Till shirt on.
Emmitt Till is something everyone should know and remember.
B.O.B. ft. Stat Quo Double Bubble

Whole album mp3 only $5
B.o.B Presents: The Adventures Of Bobby Ray [Explicit] [+Digital Booklet]

Wednesday, June 16

Happy Birthday 'Pac

Tupac could make you feel any emotion, a quality that is sorely missed. R.I.P. Big Homie, I know there's a Heaven for a G.

Chris Rock picked this as one of the top 25 Rap albums ever

Charlie Clips Battle Rap 101

This man Charlie Clips rips this shit! Look for his all freestyle mixtape Scooby Snacks vol.1 on 6/29. Interview w/ drankanddank coming soon!

Follow Charlie on Twitter http://twitter.com/CHARLIECLIPS

Tuesday, June 15

Shit That Crank

This was from Jim Jones 2nd album,this is Max's greatest verse in my opinion!

Let's hope the appeal works out, WRITE MAX:
Charly Wingate SBI 904278D INM-641403 P.O. BOX 861 Trenton, N.J 08625
A lot of people don't know about when Max went to San Diego!
Domain Diego
Bone Crusher Feat Killer Mike & T.I - Never Scared aka
"Not the way he was shiverin and shakin on the pavement."

My man T.I.P. spazzed hard on this song, this was when I knew. Bigga always comes through. Did y'all see Bone Crusher at the honors, that man could hardly walk.
Clipse In Va
Clipse record sales = people don't know good music!

Buy all this twice! Do it!
Til The Casket Drops
Hell Hath No Fury [Explicit]
Re-Up Gang The Saga Continues [Explicit]
Re-up Gang [Explicit]
They only have Lord Willin on cd, under a dollar used, madness!
Lord Willin'

Run DMC Adidas Commercial

The original hip-hop pitchmen.

Shoot yourself if you don't own this! Under $2.00 used.
Raising Hell

Nas and Az Sprite Commercial

Hope you didn't think Drake was the first rapper to get a Sprite commercial. More coming soon

I always thought this Mixtape was dope. Shouts to Mick Boogie!

Monday, June 14

Sheist Bubz Everydaze My Birthday!

The Emperor returns with a new mixtape.Not enough credit is given to this man who's grind should be a model for any aspiring CEO.The first time I ever heard my man A-Mafia was on a Purple City mixtape. I fucks wit Emperor's New Clothes hard. Bubzy has improved his flow every outing. DrankandDank interview coming soon!

Support the movement, buy Sheist here
Shiest Bubz: The International Bud Dealer (The I.B.D.)
The Purple City will get you real familiar. Used for 68 cents that's way to low for Bubzy!
Road to the Riches: The Best of the Purple City Mixtapes

Jacki-O Griselda Blanco

I've been on Jacki-O (yes hetero) since I heard her on a G-Unit tape (I can't find it.)I remember it was the first time I heard the Game to.
Here's a link to download her new mixtape Griselda Blanco

This one go's hard too!

Buy Jacki-O here
Lil Red Riding Hood [Explicit]
You can get this one for $2 new
Poe Little Rich Girl

Shit that crank!

Simply one of the finest songs I've ever hard. Sparks verse is just raw emotion. The Roc break-up fucked up a lot of shit.

Buy Sparks music here, cheap used
The Pay Back
Juvenile always had great beat selection. It ain't no coincidence that his music blew Cash Money up!

Cop the new Juvenile here
Beast Mode
This might be my favorite Cory Mo beat. How come Texas be having some of the best but most slept on. When they got some major shine we get Mike Jones, and not the man Mo who consistently brings the flame like the start of the Olympics!Closest producer to Pimp C.

support Cory Mo buy something!
Ain't Nobody Trippin
Houston's Most Unknown

Mully Man get Familia!

I'm from Prince Georges County MD so I had to get some Maryland rappers on here. This is my man Mullyman from B-More home of The Wire. I'ma have an interview with him coming soon.

Buy Mullyman here

Sunday, June 13

Herb McGruff, Harlem stand up.

Everyone should love the Crime Dog. In my opinion anyone that was in C.O.C. has earned legend status.
I hope y'all knew about this

Check out McGruff's newest, it's good to see the big homie putting out new material. We need Herb McGruff. Now just make a track w Heavy D again & let him produce it.This has new and old material, good way to get familiar.

Damn,look how people pay big $ for McGruff cd's
Destined to Be
McGruff interview coming soon!

Young Hustle - Kill Switch

The Dipset West fam is putting out solo's fast. Good work ethic from the camp.

Here's the album.

Good features Crooked I, Roscoe,Hell Rell, Lil Flip, Vado, Knocturnal(I always did fuck w/Knoc).
Gangsta's wearin red or blue like Sixers hats.

Old shit that cranks!

Now this shit went stupid hard.

This cd is super rare.
buy Shyheim Manchild cd here
buy mp3 album here
I think Untouchable is the best rap album ever.Peep Shaq and Kane from Menace in the video.

Get the cd here: