Tuesday, June 15

Shit That Crank

This was from Jim Jones 2nd album,this is Max's greatest verse in my opinion!

Let's hope the appeal works out, WRITE MAX:
Charly Wingate SBI 904278D INM-641403 P.O. BOX 861 Trenton, N.J 08625
A lot of people don't know about when Max went to San Diego!
Domain Diego
Bone Crusher Feat Killer Mike & T.I - Never Scared aka
"Not the way he was shiverin and shakin on the pavement."

My man T.I.P. spazzed hard on this song, this was when I knew. Bigga always comes through. Did y'all see Bone Crusher at the honors, that man could hardly walk.
Clipse In Va
Clipse record sales = people don't know good music!

Buy all this twice! Do it!
Til The Casket Drops
Hell Hath No Fury [Explicit]
Re-Up Gang The Saga Continues [Explicit]
Re-up Gang [Explicit]
They only have Lord Willin on cd, under a dollar used, madness!
Lord Willin'