Thursday, June 17

Shit That Crank

Ludacris - Growing Pains
Even if you couldn't fuck with the silly shit, you couldn't front on this. Either this or the UGK track off his debut is my favorite Luda track.

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Cop the Conjure Cognac (just don't throw any demo's in the toilet)
American Dream C.O.C.
This shit makes me heated thinking about what could of been.

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David Banner Cadillac's on 22's
David Banner should make a blue's album.

Buy Mississippi-The Album [Explicit]
You have to, that man had a R.I.P. Emmit Till shirt on.
Emmitt Till is something everyone should know and remember.
B.O.B. ft. Stat Quo Double Bubble

Whole album mp3 only $5
B.o.B Presents: The Adventures Of Bobby Ray [Explicit] [+Digital Booklet]