Saturday, July 31

Shit That Crank- Nick Parrow Edition

I might have a potential investor, so to butter him up, I'm going to have a Shit That Crank off what he likes. I didn't sell all the way out though, I have to like it too.                                                                                     

I know he likes another Mega song better, but he shouts out his cousin Ben in it, and Nick's cousin Ben is my fucking man from Queens. Poetic right?

Wednesday, July 28

Whitefolkz Interview

Whitefolkz is a real cat. I enjoyed the interview, and he dropped 2 viscous freestyles for me, but I'm going to hold those tight for a minute. I'm definitely fittin to invest in a better camera, but that's how it be when your making something out of nothing!
Follow Folkz. Buy H.O.M.E. & Masquerade Feat. Whitefolkz.

DMV's own Dream Team

Montana Max, Ree-Up, & CaLii form the DMV's own Dreamteam.Being well connected with many producers and having their own studio, the three also have years of experience with recording programs such as Pro-Tools, Adobe Audition, and Cool Edit. Writing their own music and producing many of their own tracks, DT is on a 24/7 hustle being that everything music related is done within the three. With their own original beats and California, Baltimore, and DC swagger, they are hands down some of the hottest unsigned artists out today.


Shout out to my man Sempe, this man comes to the U.S. for three weeks & gets more done than most U.S. rappers in a year. His next projects going to be huge, and he's the European C.E.O. of Lazy K productions. DrankandDank love's the international grind. Catch him on myspace and facebook. The video with NOE is getting much burn over here.

Tuesday, July 27

I still miss Ray Cash

I still miss Ray Cash. Sony obviously don't know how to promote rappers. The homie Ray also got the dopest mixtapes. Follow Ray. Rose' Ray [Explicit] is his latest.

Den 10 is DrankandDank's first Syrup & Smoke co-sign!

Den 10 has been putting it down for a minute. He has several strong Harlem co-signs(Smoke Dza, Shiest Bubz) and recently joined the high profile Vance NYCC Multimedia team. With such strong representation and industry ties he's poised to be one of the next breakthrough artists. There's no word on what his next project will be(I bet he has McGruff on it,)but there's sure to be some big collabo's and top notch production. DrankandDank gives him the official Syrup and Smoke co-sign! Follow Den 10 , check him on Reverb, and then friend him on Facebook. Buy 10 Time Radio Part 1 [Explicit].

Monday, July 26

A-Mafia interview

This blog is new and I'm learning all this shit on the fly.I don't know shit about camera's and computers. I never even owned a computer until 2 years ago. I have to apologize to A-Mafia for the video quality. If he ain't have so much to say, I wouldn't even post this. Hopefully like Jay Bezel he'll give me another shot. We've learned a lot in two months & we'll keep on grinding.

You know what's real ate up, this man autographed 3 cd's for me and my man.

Saucey Baby(Skull Gang South) Major Harris ft. Richmond Rab

This is a new video from Skull Gang South. Cameo's from Juelz and other Skull Gang representers. No word yet when their first project comes out. Anybody who listened to the Takeover knows Rab keeps it funky. He had several standout verses, and made a big impression on me. This the first time I've heard Major Harris, but I like how he's got his own style.That's why we need that new Skulllgang fast, the team don't sound like no one else. Look out for the Saucey Boys all over Skull Gang The Takeover 2 coming soon.

Sunday, July 25

L Black The East Coast Bully Interview

Good looking Black! This man showed me around Philadelphia. Follow him at @LBLACK_215.

Freekey Zekey Interview

I was holding this tight for a minute. Freekey Zekey is one of the most entertaining people that ever lived. You should of seen all the shit going around us. Zeke got mad love for Herb McGruff too.

The NFL Crew

The NFl is a group of new artists from Harlem and the DMV. The member's are ProFiT , Dave East, & MAL.You can check out their Reverb page here. I've already reviewed Dave's debut mixtape. The next project coming ou tthe camp will be a group album & I have interviews with them coming soon. Until then check them out.

Thursday, July 22


What would you say if I told y'all there was a new cartoon starring Rampage , "Freeway" Ricky Ross, Ras Kass & Non-Chalant? Fuck what you'd say, this shit is crack. Not for children though!

Follow Rampage.

"Masquerade" Harmony Muzik ft. Whitefolkz

 Two DMV representers, I fucks with this song hard. Harmony Muzik's album release party is tomorrow at Zanzibar's Get Whitefolkz music here. Get Harmony Muzik's new album The Masquerade [Explicit].

Wednesday, July 21

JOIN DA CROWD: AUDIO: McGruff Feat. A-Mafia "40th St Flow"

JOIN DA CROWD: AUDIO: McGruff Feat. A-Mafia "40th St Flow"

Compliments of @cecevance &
What more can be said about this, the streets needed it!

Hey! Young World

When hip-hop gets mainstream media coverage only the negative is highlighted. We all know why, but we won't get into that. Rap music often chronicles negative aspects of being poor in America, and is reviled for that by everyone from Bill O'Reilly to Oprah Winfrey( ask Ludacris.) No one ever does a feature on the positives that come out of this(jobs, alternatives, a seat at corporate America's table), nope only who's beefing,who's going to jail etc.. Well Hey! Young World deserves some shine. Offering an alternative to annoying childrens shows, HYW uses hip-hop to stress the importance of education and non-violent conflict resolution.In HYW's words:“Hey! Young World” is based on 4 young friends, and each CD is an exploration of daily events and struggles in the lives of our children. Each volume has a valuable, inspiring lesson which is thought and conveyed through songs and the skits. The children will be introduced to the 4 characters, learn their personalities, appreciate their friendship, and be told a problem that will be worked out and solved. The music is catchy, entertaining, memorable, and completely free of curse words, derogatory comments and inappropriate remarks or references to drugs or sexual content. There will not be a single lyric or sentence that a parent would ever question, be disappointed by, or not want their child to hear."
As a Father I immediately understood and appreciated this. I want my children to learn to love hip-hop without feeling like they have to hustle or be in a gang to be cool. I commend their efforts and encourage everyone to check this out.
Buy HYW cd's here, and the deluxe package here.

Tuesday, July 20

Jay Bezel Interview

My man Bezel tells all about Certified Gangster and hips us to what he's up to. This interview was supposed to be way longer but we had some technical issues. Hopefully Bezel will give me another crack.Check out his site and follow him @JayBezel

The Philadelphia Beast Vol. 2 [Explicit]

Monday, July 19

DJ Green Lantern Jay-Z Creative Control

This shit go extra hard. I don't feel like I'm exaggerating when I call this an instant classic. Obviously Jay-Z always got lyrics and he shows out on a few joints here, but the star of this has got to be DJ Green Lantern.
I'm usually not a fan of when they blend verses from one song and the beats of another, but other than the 2pac Rap Phenomenom, I've never heard it done this well.In fact it's more production than blend like. A Lil Wayne verse from the Blow mixtape he did with Santana, is seamlessly blended into an original Green Lantern beat and it sounds if Wayne & Hov were in the booth together. An American Gangster verse over another Green beat sounds like a fresh new Jigga single.There's some totally original content on here and Jay sounds like he's hungrier than he's been in a minute. Cop a physical here.

Freekey Zekey "Gangsta's Ambition"

Get your physical copy in the land of 730.

Sunday, July 18

Shit That Crank

Tupac ft. Outlawz

 Outlawz is the shit!The Lost Songs Volume One [Explicit],The Lost Songs Volume Two [Explicit],The Lost Songs Volume Three [Explicit] & Still I Rise [Explicit]. Cop all that!
Tela-Tired of Ballin

 You never hear a balla say nothin like this, big Tela you ain't never lie!
Piece Of Mind [Explicit], Now Or Never, Double Dose,World Ain't Enuff,
Cormega ft. Lil Wayne Who Can I Trust
This is off the first Violator compilation. I bet if he had a do over Mega would let Wayne rock and not just do the hook. This was way before The Carter.

They should of kept Mega in the Firm.Born & RaisedTestamentThe RealnessLegal Hustle,True Meaning,Essense of the Streets,Who Am IHustler/Rapper, all of those crank and some are under $5.
Celly Cel - Its Going Down (Remix) (feat. Mack 10, E40, B-Legit, & Rappin 4 Tay)

Classic! Slaps, Straps, and Baseball Hats [Explicit]The Best Of Celly Cel,Heat 4 Yo Azz [Explicit],Best of Celly Cel 2: Tha Sick Wid it Dayz [Explicit]
40 Water know about getting those batches ready.
Duece Poppi - Snippets Song from Trick Daddy Album "Thugs R Us"
I don't know what happened bcause he's still on Slip N Slide. That fittin to ball shit went hard though.

Duece loves White People though. For real he got White Friends ! Catch him on MySpace.

Push! Montana "The Rebirth of Fresh"

Push! Montana of Black Flag City has been putting it down with Maino for a minute. Now he's back out with a solo cd The Rebirth of Fresh aka No Floors. On the first song he says "I really touched squares like Sicilian slices" which caught my ear. The disc features mostly original production by A-listers such as Hi-Tek, Dame Grease and Ill Mind, Push got an ear for beats. Hosted by Don Cannon, No Floors features appearances by Maino, Mouse, and Roccett of C.T.E. Standouts are Defeat, 1rst 48, Born Again, and Kill You.
Buy Push! Montana music and visit his website . Follow PUSHMONTANA

New Artist Dave East "Change of Plans"

This cat  Dave East is part of a new Harlem/DMV (my 2 favorite places) movement the NFL (Never Forgot Loyalty) crew. No word if that's any relation to the late, great, LaMont Coleman's NFL crew. Young East is only 21 and used to ball for the Universities of Towson & Richmond. For whatever reason he switched his lanes and is now coming at us with the aptly titled "Change of Plans." Featuring co-signs from my man Noe and Devin the Dude, East goes in over a mixture of industry and original beats. The disc also features in house production and appearances from the NFL's own Profit,June, and Money. Some standout songs include both Family Affairs, Music for the Mob( check out June's production) and my favorite, Thru Harlem. Check them out at Then hit up Twitter & follow DAVE_EAST

Sunday, July 11

New Jakk Frost

Download Here

Kingpen Slim The Way You Move feat. Wale, STS and Phil Ade

<a href="">The Way You Move feat. Wale, STS and Phil Ade by Kingpen Slim</a>
This track shows that there is good hip-hop coming out of the DMV (and there's been for years!) Interviews with Slim and Phil coming soon.

Friday, July 9

Interns Wanted

We need interns for writing, video editing, camera people, graphics, SEO, marketing, web design & anything else you think you can do to build the brand. If possible we'll sign off on school credit, and we'll be more than happy to compose a professional letter of recommendation. 

Thursday, July 8

L.Black aka Headshot Black

My man LBLACK_215 (follow him) is droppin mixtapes crazy. He's focused and doing everything on his own. My man call's himself the East Coast Bully and is a habitual line-stepper. He's going to come up and remember who knew. Check out Headshot:

In 4 years he's appeared on over 90 mixtapes. Hustle always respect hustle.

Freekey Zekey shout out!

Freekey's latest Gangstas Ambition . Buy The Book of Ezekiel [Explicit] , then get White Boy Wasted and buy Blame It On The Henny [Explicit].!

interview coming soon!

A-Mafia Approves!

Buy A-Mafia's latest Digital Hustler

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Jay Bezel is the most underrated rapper out!

Don't believe me, think I'm lunchin? Nah, you are:
This is off one of the greatest mixtapes ever

What you know bout goin from 12 12's to cinderblocks?

He holds his own with Lil Wayne right here 2.

"I ain't talking bout European cash when I'm pounding"

This is from Bezel's slept on debut Philadelphia Beast .

 "I'm l;ike breakfast spread how I stay jamming toast"
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Wednesday, July 7

NOE Interview aka "Don't Go In The Booth Next"

I was surprised by a few things NOE said. Definitely didn't see the Drake part coming, and this man says what he means. He was right there where anyone could approach him at the DC Caribbean Festival. Big shouts to the big homie NOE he gave me my first shot. Thanks to Nicety Evans!

Tuesday, July 6

McGruff Interview

We interviewed McGruff in front of Harlem BBQ . Shouts to CeCeVance, y'all up and coming rappers should contact her to advance your career.
Get McGruff music The 1994 Demo, Past And Present .

Shit That Crank French Montana

When I'm discussing rap, I often hear people hating on French.I then have to grab Cocaine Cowboyz and put them D. Montana's been cranking for a minute, and all his new shit's good. His flow improves every outing and he can make a hook. Put all that together with a deal on Akon's label and Max B's impending return, and I guarantee French comes up in the next 12 months.So here's a French Montana edition of Shit that Crank, and it all does.
So High ft. Curren$y


Why So Serious

Henny & 44

Bricks and Walls

My Daughter ft. Gucci Mane

So Special

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Monday, July 5

Best Snoop Scenes

The Doggfather's been putting it down in the movies longer than a minute.
"Baby Boy" aka Fuck Ya Fort!

"Training Day" aka Fuck You Rookie!

"Soul Plane" aka Nah, actually homie that was a typo!


"Starsky & Hutch" aka I found your nine iron Bitch

Tito Green Interview

730 Dips be in the hood!!! You Do 2 if you want to holla at them!

Saturday, July 3

Charlie Clips Scooby Snacks Vol.1

     The homeboy CHARLIE CLIPS just dropped his new mixtape Scooby Snacks Vol.1. The all freestyle compilation goes a long way toward cementing Clips rising presence in NYC hip-hop. Have no fear, even though it's labeled as an all freestyle project, some time and thought were applied to song composition. Charlie made his name battle rapping, and he never strays to far from his customary pop culture punchlines. At times deciphering his intricate metaphors and analogies can leave you lost, so this is an involved listen. You will definitely need to rewind some shit to catch it.
     Just when it might be getting to much, Clips steps back and lets some other cats get some shine. J.R. Writer shows up and delivers a verse worthy of the Diplomats first heyday on the standout "Gun Muzik". Not quite sure who it is, but the last cat on "Ya Killing Me" steps right in and crushes it. The Drake and Alicia Keys features(samples?) are well constructed.
     Clips definitely has a bright future in Hip-Hop, whether on his own or as part of the U.N., Dipset, or his own. Scooby Snacks illustrates his creativity, and ability to ride a number of different beats. Charlie demonstrates a versatility with different flows which I wasn't expecting. The drawbacks are Clips might need to dumb it down a little bit. His rhymes are all complex and intricate, which might not grab the casual listeners ear. That would be a shame because we need more rappers like Clips and less like .....?

Friday, July 2

C.A. Bangers

I get people hitting me up with music a lot already. These cats right here put it down for real. This is some professional shit. Plus they be poppin off the dvd's!

follow my man cabangers!


Just got back from Harlem. I got interviews with Freekey, Zeekey, Sheist Bubz, Tito Green, A- Mafia, & Herb McGruff. Also shouts to Cece Vance, Young 6, Agent Zer09 aka The Marshall & Julie O'Pay. They all showed
mad love and made sure I had everything I needed. McGruff was cool as shit, A-Mafia was realer than a mofo. Sheist Bubz had mad good energy and the 730 squad gets it poppin. Zeekey and Tito move with the people. Big love and happy birthday to Ian my cameraman, who's throwin the biggest party in DC tonight at Club Park. He let me stay up in Wagner, where it was live the whole night. Didn't get a chance to link up with Broadway Slim or Smoke Dza but that's going to happen on the next go-round. All interviews to be posted soon!