Saturday, July 31

Shit That Crank- Nick Parrow Edition

I might have a potential investor, so to butter him up, I'm going to have a Shit That Crank off what he likes. I didn't sell all the way out though, I have to like it too.                                                                                     

I know he likes another Mega song better, but he shouts out his cousin Ben in it, and Nick's cousin Ben is my fucking man from Queens. Poetic right?

We was riding around in a kitted up Tahoe getting money when this came out. Juelz says "Gorilla born,lion hearted, ape bred/zoo minded, eagle eyed,beatle sized, snake head/" that always tickled his fancy no-homillz!

"The black Hacksaw Jim Duggan stay lurking"

We used to go to Georgetown on Sundays and smoke to this on the way. Solbiatto's(google it)was the shit for Iceberg.

Buddy Roe

Don't fuck a bitch in her mans crib!

Never understood why they said "INS the Rebel"

You know Mase prayed on this, why can't I find the official video?
Oft quoted, "The Money in the Way"

We've smoked weed in a Cadillac!
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