Tuesday, August 31

STS Sole Music E.P.

Somos Arte Shirley was the photographer for hip-hop recording artist Sugar Tongue Slim's (STS) "The Sole Music EP." She collaborated with stylists Kiran Goraya & Ericka Mitton of DrJays.com.

<a href="http://slimisgold.bandcamp.com/album/the-sole-music-ep">Sole Music ft Ming by STS</a>






From Plastik Crack:
Fresh off his critically acclaimed cameos on The Roots’ How I Got Over, STS linked up with Honey to showcase the two loves of his life: women and sneakers. The Sole Music EP includes 5 new songs plus the O.G. version of “Sole Music” from STS’ Demand More 2 mixtape. The Sole Music Remix was blessed with a guest verse from fellow sneaker-head Donwill of Tanya Morgan and production on the EP was handled by Parafino, SB Charles, Kenny Beats, Harry & Alex, and Count Justice. Download link after the jump!
1) Sole Music (prod by Parafino & SB Charles)
2) Oniomania (prod by Count Justice)
3) Brown Babies (prod by Brian Leahy)
4) Take Me To Hadley St (prod by Harry & Alex)
5) Is You With Me? (prod by Kenny Beats)
6) Sole Music Remix ft Donwill (Prod by Parafino & SB Charles)

review after the jump

Baltimore Bangahz Interview & Guntouchables Vol.1

Madam Madon Interview

Adjective: Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.
Noun: A person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources

Monday, August 30

Best of Jakk Frost on the way

The homie Jakk Frost just sent me a drop for my Noe cd, and gave me the go ahead for the drankanddank best of Jakk Frost mixtape. I'll be pulling heaters from cd's like this:

Noe Cover thanks to Unik Vision

Here's the rough draft of my Noe cover, although it ain't very rough. Hit the email on the bottom to get mixtape covers or any other graphic design work. Get it now, cuz you know that fee is going up.

Friday, August 27

Fuck That, Beanie Should of Whipped Him Harder

I was reading a reprint of a 2001 Beanie Sigel interview, when I came across this: "

AllHipHop.com: I know when you first came out you had a problem at the Philly radio Power 99. What did that situation teach you? (Editor’s note: Beans was banned from the radio station for allegedly beating up a DJ who was selling "The Best of Beanie Sigel" bootlegs.) 
I knew about this, but I didn't know that it was over homeboy bootlegging Beanie's music. Keep in mind that this was before the Internet was big like that, and Beanie probably could of made a nice profit selling a similar tape himself. What really gets me is the radio station not disciplining the dj(who I believe is Cosmic Kev.) So you mean to tell me that this station has no problem with an employee bootlegging music? That's why the radio is wack.The station's think they're bigger than the artists, and only give a fuck about them if they're on the charts. Fuck that, Beanie should of whipped him harder!
I beleive that this is the cd in question. It is pretty dope though.

Wednesday, August 25

I Still Can't Feel My Face

This is my favorite mixtape all time, hands down. Hadn't listened to it for about 3 years, and this shit is still fire. You can tell you got a real one by the weight of the disc, for some reason it's slightly heavier than usual. Anything made by Mick Boogie is usually dope, and Juelz & Wayne's chemistry is epic. Plus Jay Bezel and Curren$y got their man.  Maybe one day we'll get the retail album.

I give a chick a bbt, a brick and a bus ticket then she meets me
To the cops and the po-po's y'all hoes
I tell a bitch ride the dick like a new Honda, with the cops behind her
Laffy Taffy came on and she gave me head to the snaps
I got a lot but I'm sensing more, you fucking with my $ I'm sensing war
I pop collars, get dollars and touch hoes like Creflo(Rawse)
A quicker picker upper, cause she's quick to pick the nut up, before a N---- tell her to pick the nut up
I get em for the R.Kelly, that's 17 a chicken

Saturday, August 21

Smoke Dza Best of Features and B-Sides coming too!

DrankandDank is getting busy! We'll be having a Smoke Dza mix cd coming soon as well! Until then make sure you check out

Friday, August 20

NOE stars in DrankandDank's first mixtape release

The captain of the Baltimore Bangahz has given me the greenlight to produce DrankandDanks first mixtape. B-More Sides will feature some of the rarer NOE tracks and features. Further details to come later, but look for an October release.

Thursday, August 19

Blokadee Biggz Official "Smoke & Syrup" co-sign.

This shit is straight fire! I'm not even going to front, this man @BlokadeeBiggz did the damn thing. Get The Money vol. 3 is polished, Biggz sounds like he's been mastering his craft for a minute. Oh yeah, he produced all but 3 songs. I know we're going to be hearing from the B-More to Virginia representer in the future. Just remember where you heard it first.

BoB - Adidas Commercial

 I just saw this, but apparently it's been out for 2 weeks. I'm watching Sportscenter, and all of a sudden this guy Bobby Ray is rapping about smoking the hemi (blowing sticky like adhesive) on a national television commercial! It truly made me proud to be an American.I don't fuck with the shoes though.

KD - My Story

I originally mentioned this poem in this post. I just wanted to give it an individual post, because it deserves some solo shine. Thought provoking and excellently constructed, my man KD crushes more rapper stereotypes than I can name. Hopefully they bring back Def Poetry Slam, so he can recite this.
My Story
I was took from my home snatched from my father and mother
They put me in the hands of these light skinned muthafuckas
Mama said its gon' be alright 'cause they got love for us
But they got me and my brother stacked on top of each other
We got chained together
I wonder if we'll remain together
He ain't moved in a while and I can't help him
If he dead it ain't no tellin

Saturday, August 7

Kokane-The West Coast Sensai

I had the honor and privilege of speaking to the West Coast Legend Kokane. He's as real as they come, plus he's been involved in every relevant piece of West Coast history. My man has worked with everyone from Snoop to the Alchemist. That's Mobb Deep to Dre. Follow him. A good sampling of his music is Kokane - On The Backstreets - DJ Crazy Toones. Listen to that and then buy Gimme All Mine [Explicit]. He's known as the most featured, see why!

Friday, August 6

NFL Interview/Where's Mal Tho?

When I posted up the Dave East interview, I had the Profit drop & everyone asked me where's MAL tho?
Here you go.

Thursday, August 5

KD - Get Familiar

This dude KD is from Alabama, and he goes in. All these mixtapes/street album's are dope.Not only that on his myspace he's got one of the most thought provoking poems, I've ever read. Follow @KD205. Hit
kdakadanny  to buy physical copies of the discs.

Calmplex Interview

I ran into the homie Calmplex at Harmony Muzik's album release party. Besides being a artist, Calmplex runs a site dedicated to the DMV. Go to dmvlife.com for all things D.C., MD, and Va related. Follow @Calmplexxx on Twitter.

Wednesday, August 4

Fiend – Don’t Talk Do It

Now this is that classic Fiend. To my knowledge his first No Limit album There's One in Every Family is the hardest one to come by. It's going for $60.00 new on Amazon. Get his last project here.

Game, DJ Skee - "Brake Lights"

I personally prefer this disc to "The Red Room." Executive produced by Cool and Dre, this album is for the Hood and not for the club. Displaying an overall gritty feel, Game got his bars up and his guest stars don't dissapoint. Notable features include guest spots from Snoop Dogg, Nas, T.I., Akon, Rick Ross, Waka Flocka Flame, Robin Thicke and Shawty Lo, among others. DJ Toomp, JR Rotem and Rich Skillz all handled the production duties. In my opinion the standout song is "Trading Spaces," a conceptual song that has Snoop and Game rapping from each others perspectives.

Tuesday, August 3

Dave East Interview

Dave East from the NFL Crew released Change Of Plans.I heard that, I liked it, and I contacted @Dave_East. From there I met Dave, @wheresMALtho, & @Profit. They've blessed me with the chance to hear their music. The movement is strong, all collective and individual tracks are powerful. Look at my "Shit That Crank" and you'll know I know.

More to come,ProFiT_NFL  right here.

NOE Knows! DrankandDank is different!

Monday, August 2

Congratulations DJ Blazita!

Last night “DJ Blazita” ” took home “Best Female DJ of The Year Award 2010″ at the 5th ANNUAL LATIN MIXX CONFERENCE + AWARDS 2010 in NYC with other nominees/winners including DJ Camillo, Ted Smooth, DJ Tony Touch, Dj Yonny, and more. In front of a packed crowd of 1000 plus at NYC’s exclusively world renowned The Times Center. DJ Blazita accepted her award and stated, “I am proud of this award because I worked so hard… and it is amazing to be recognized among so many powerful Latinas in the music industry.” 


Harlem Artists Reunion At The Santos House - Edited By Masar

Check back later for Ian's footage of Araab Muzik. My folks @CeceVance & @agentzer09 were getting it in with the promotion and all the behind-the-scenes stuff. @MasarMasar did a great job with the footage, y'all should get him for the videos before his price goes up. Check his resume, he got credentials.

A.B. Da Don Dear Summer (Return of the Don)

I got an interview with A.B. coming up. Until then check out his new mixtape. Hosted by the legendary Dame Grease, the disc features Max B, Uncle Murda(I think he changed his name though), and members of Stonegang Fam. Checkout what he says on Dear Blood, that's real talk. Follow A.B. Da Don.