Tuesday, August 31

STS Sole Music E.P.

Somos Arte Shirley was the photographer for hip-hop recording artist Sugar Tongue Slim's (STS) "The Sole Music EP." She collaborated with stylists Kiran Goraya & Ericka Mitton of DrJays.com.

<a href="http://slimisgold.bandcamp.com/album/the-sole-music-ep">Sole Music ft Ming by STS</a>






From Plastik Crack:
Fresh off his critically acclaimed cameos on The Roots’ How I Got Over, STS linked up with Honey to showcase the two loves of his life: women and sneakers. The Sole Music EP includes 5 new songs plus the O.G. version of “Sole Music” from STS’ Demand More 2 mixtape. The Sole Music Remix was blessed with a guest verse from fellow sneaker-head Donwill of Tanya Morgan and production on the EP was handled by Parafino, SB Charles, Kenny Beats, Harry & Alex, and Count Justice. Download link after the jump!
1) Sole Music (prod by Parafino & SB Charles)
2) Oniomania (prod by Count Justice)
3) Brown Babies (prod by Brian Leahy)
4) Take Me To Hadley St (prod by Harry & Alex)
5) Is You With Me? (prod by Kenny Beats)
6) Sole Music Remix ft Donwill (Prod by Parafino & SB Charles)

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     The second STS starts rapping, his unique voice commands attention. His precise delivery and clever word play ensure that he holds his audience. The Philly/Ga representer is equal measures drawl,lyricism,witty bars, and  the ability to ride a beat. This adds up to a fresh new voice, despite often being compared to Andre 3000. There is no one in the game right now like Sugar Tongue Slim. His initial offerings, the Demand More Series led to Slim being featured on the latest Roots LP, How I Got Over [Vinyl].
     Now back with a 6 song E.P. dedicated to chicks and kicks.Sole Music starts off with the title song originally featured on Demand More 2 . An ode to girls and a true sneakerheads love, many modern and classic kicks get namded checked. All while a tale of pretty girls and his own ability, is wove in and out the mellow beat. This song is also noteworthy for it's judiscous usage of a Willie Hutch sample. The next song "Oniomania' is a clever relation of an addictive compulsion to the joys of a lavish lifestyle. Also a cautionary tale viewed in an alternate light, this track is notable for it's creativity.STS is up on his Southern side, name-dropping Banner and Flips "Like A Pimp" on the discs third track. Producer Brian Leahy's infectiously mellow "Brown Babies" is another tale of dames and  Dunks. The next song is the standout offering, "Take Me To Hadley St" a tribute/pick up attempt to noted Knowles sibling Solange. Incredibly infectious producers Alex and Harry are sure to get some work off this one. All I know, is if I hit a girl with some G like that, I'm getting chose.The final 2 songs are the braggadocios "Is You With Me" and the Sole Music remix. Look out for the second verse on the latter. While remaining on task thematically, and displaying his pure rapping skills, this disc proves that Sugar Tongue Slim displays the talent and content to be a star. Highly recommended.