Thursday, September 30

The Naked Soul Of Sweet James Jones

Pimp C, "The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones" by billboard

Shit That Crank: Ladies Night

BET's well done documentary "My Mic Sounds Nice", got me thinking about the viscous female MC joints.

Foxy Brown - 730
Off of Broken Silence, this was my favorite song off a  underrated release.

Lil Kim - Rockin
This appeared on Funk Flex's The Mix Tape Volume II: 60 Minutes Of Funk(cop it for $0.43) as Lil Kim Freestyle.

 more after the jump, including Eve, Shawnna, and Mia X

Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots Hip-Hop History

A-Mafia Done Dropped A Classic

This is not hyperbole, A-Mafia's "In My Own World" is classic status. The music speaks for itself. Watch how many mixtapes come out with rappers freestyling over Roll It Up's beat. A_Mafia knocks it out the park.

Wednesday, September 29

D'Nero of the Baltimore Bangahz- The Gallery & Losing Is Not An Option

 D'nero is a Baltimore Bangahz representative who's already released 2 solo projects, as well as appearing on the Bangahz debut in 2010. He's definitely able to stand on his own two, as he proves over a mixture of original and industry beats. He's original and displays the ability to produce different types of songs, and use different flows. Both albums are good listens, more than solid, & previews of a fresh MC who's going to continue to grow.

MICKEY DA KID - Never Say Never

This mixtape is dope as fuck. How did someone co-signed by Big Kap, appeared on the Dave Chappelle show, has awesome production, a refreshing flow, and a hit single, escape my notice? I'm fucking up, but then again so is everybody who hasn't heard Mickey Da Kid.

Tuesday, September 28

Funky 4+1 - Thats The Joint (First Rap Performance On Saturday Night Live)

The Funky 4+1 were not only the first rap group to perform on Saturday Night Live, they were the first to perform on live television. Amazingly enough they never recorded a full length studio album. Catch them on myspace & Facebook.

Funky 4+1 - Thats The Joint (On Saturday Night Liv… - MyVideo

Hawaiian Snow - Tony Yayo & Danny Brown

     Tony Yayo returns with potential G-Unit newcomer Danny Brown on the digital only release Hawaiian Snow [Explicit](HS.) 12 tracks long, there's only 3 features on the whole album(2 of which are Lil B.)I've never heard Danny Brown before, but after listening to this I'm a believer.At different times he reminded me of Yukmouth, Tech N9NE, Eminem, and Brotha Lynch Hung, it's easy to see why he calls himself the Hybrid. Sonically HS is inventive and all the beats slap, however I haven't been able to locate the production credits.
     Throughout the disc Brown spits witticisms such as "low key like a midget door", but all you need to know about him is on the last track.  A ferocious lyrical display "Cyclops" lets us know that D. Brown ain't playing. Not to be outdone on the albums standout song "Bags Double Tied", Yayo hits us with /Brock Lesnar with the Heckler/the streets full of avenues of deception/ thin rubber shields on my dick for protection/.   After listening to this disc you will know that Tony Yayo likes Dubai, smoking while on papers(s/o to clean piss), and crucifix blunts. You will also ascertain that Danny Brown watched the Indiana Pacers in the 90's, has a versatile style, and has no problem with white girls sniffing their namesake at his condo. You'll enjoy the musicality of the adventurous and sometimes haunting production. Finally you'll conclude that the Unit has a bright future, more so if they ink the Hybrid.

Buy here. Follow Yayo and Danny Brown.

Tuesday, September 21

Roc-A-Fella Hot 97 Takeover

This is an all time classic, right here. Jay-Z doesn't flow, in fact he sounds like he might be more than a little tipsy. However the rest of the Roc roster holds it down. State Property and Get Low represents hard. Highlights are Young Chris, O & Sparks, and Beanie and Memph man going back and forth. You hear this and the Paid In Full soundtrack and you wonder how this could of gone wrong. At one point they had, Kanye, M.O.P., Ol Dirty, Dipset, State Prop, Hov, Posh Spice and the criminally underrated Get Low.

Young Safi

Young Safi is on Get Low Records by way of Freetown, Sierra Leone. In 2 weeks he's going to hit us with "Coming 2 America."

Sunday, September 19

Miss Criss aka "Total Package"

Did you know that Mikkey Halsted has a lil' sis. Compounding the odds, did you know she's a 7th level Viscous MC, black belt! Even further, making sure your favorite female rapper dosn't want to be graded on a curve, check her:

How hasn't a record company jumped on this? Do the math, politics isn't for the political. Check her on 4 & 18.

Saturday, September 18

Mikkey Halsted

Mikkey Halsted who's been praised for his lyrics from Kanye to Weezy, just gave the greenlight for a mixtape. I'll have the pleasure of listening to these hits to make my selections.

Two Five Return Of The Badguy

The kid Two Five is returning to us after a enforced hiatus. With some help from the Block Boyz, he's re-establishing his brand with his latest offering, courtesy of DJ White Owl.

DrankandDank Logo/Smoke Dza Cover

Courtesy of @wheresMALtho 
Unik Vision GFX

Big Gat Interview/ Who Should I Sign Wit


Tuesday, September 14

Bun B's been a 5 mic MC forever

Listen to this viscousness, fall in love with it, scream free Pimp C. Then think to yourself, "Damn Bun B was nice a decade before this." Then put your $ down, and your Mddl Fngz up!Smokin Wit Tha Enemy,Trouble,Live Form Da Manjah.

Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs man, where do I begin? This article, or maybe this one. Maybe I'll start with how even the Washington Post is co-signing Gibbs, or how his singles get longer reviews than most albums. I could tell you that when you listen to his music, he paints one of the clearest street life pictures you'll find. Then show you the Freshman Cover, or that he was listening to Master P before P was mainstream. The thing is, I don't have to say anything, unlike some folks, Freddie Gibbs music speaks loud and clear. Check all these out, they're all Str8 Killa. Make sure you hit the last link and buy that.

follow @FreddieGibbs

more mixtapes after the jump

Monday, September 13

Big Gat

Releasing his first mixtape, Big Gat isn't wasting time. Titled "Who Should I Sign Wit? he's letting you know he has options. Don't worry about fronting, Gat hates that. He's secure as the CEO of FULL FLEDGED STAR ENTERTAINMENT, and a member of Swishgang. He's had international exposure, and signed talented artists to his label. Unlike most rappers, he waited to release a mixtape until everything else was cemented. That's instead of using a mixtape as a vehicle to get where you want to go. No "Now and Later" rapper, Gat's authenticity will win. The mixtape drops Sep.13, I bet he announces his contract decision by November.
Check his Site.

Saturday, September 11

Pimp C Damage Control Tribute

My man Percy Mack posted this on his excellent site thetrillconnection awhile ago. Since it's 3 hours long, I just now got around to listening to it. Damage Control is a Houston based radio show, and shortly after Pimp died they devoted an entire show to him. It features testimonials from those who knew him, and lots of music(some you'll only hear on it.) Listening to it renewed my appreciation of Chad's grasp of music theory. There will never be another Pimp C. Download here.

New Sempé' Angels EP

LAZYK PRODUCTIONS /1017 BRICK SQUAD / DIPSET WEST representer via Europe Sempé' Newera is back with an EP. With features from Noe, JR Writer, Paladino & am3n, you can buy it here.

Friday, September 10

Joell Ortiz - Farewell Summer EP

With production from Don Cannon, Statik Selektah, & DJ Premier as well as guest spots from Sheek, Talib Kweli, Brother Ali, & Jean Grae, this is definitely worth a DL. Joell has his standard slick talk & metaphors on full display. On "Battle Cry" which already leaked to much acclaim, Ortiz gives us " a loose 100, Newports." The posse cut "So Wrong" finds JO claiming on his twitter account that " brother ali murked me on my own shit." Definitely check this out, it goes in front to back.
bonus DL Ortiz's take of Lemonade here

Young Hu$tle - Get Familiar

Y'all need to keep an eye out for up and coming Dipset West rapper Young Hu$tle. Coming from Long Beach, he's proof that the West is alive and well. YH has already worked with Hell Rell, Crooked I, Knocturnal, & Lil Flip to name a few. For a newcomer he's got a pretty heavy catalogue. Visit his website & follow him on twitter. More mixtapes and videos after the jump.

Major Harris Smoke & Syryp co-sign.

Major Harris dropped a video before he dropped a mixtape (see it here.) "Saucey Baby" has drawn such a buzz that Major is currently on a East Coast promo run. He's no rookie though, Major was putting it down on the production side for a minute. Stepping from behind the scenes, & linking up with his hometown partner Richmond Rab, Major's now a Skullgang South representer. With a new single all over the major video channels, a new video with Waka Flocka , Skullgang: Takeover 2, and a solo mixtape coming, look for Major to get on heavy. Get familiar now, the "Saucey" movement is here to stay.
Check Major in the studio & his track with Rab & Waka after the jump.

Thursday, September 9

Top 10 Rap Movies of All Time

I was researching the first hip-hop movies and I came across several top ten lists. Like most things opinion driven, I had several disagreements. So with no further ado, here's DrankandDank's.
10. Tougher Than Leather
This Run-DMC vehicle had my parents looking at me crazy, when I wanted to see this over Transformers or some shit.
9. Disorderlies
Y'all youngans might not get it, but the Fat Boys were the shit in their day.

FedieDemarco Voice Of Watts Vol.2

Fedie Demarco  has an impressive pedigree. The nephew of  West Coast legend Stanley "Tookie" Williams, he's been mentored in the rap game by Ice T. He was prominently featured on Black Ice's 2008 release Urban Legends [Explicit], and now he's back with "Voice of Watts 2." Instead of relying on co-signs and connects, Fedie keeps the guest appearances  minimal, with only 4 features, two from his longtime collaborater COC. With all original production, it's more a street album than mixtape, and Fedie returns to classic West Coast values. More than just tough talk, Fedie has a touch of the street reporter aspect that makes the best West Coast artists. So give this a DL, and walk through the streets of Watts with Fedie Demarco.

Follow @fediedemarco, and check him out all over Ice T's 2006 release Gangsta Rap.

Wednesday, September 8

Kid Springs "Cocaine City Presents: Spring Cleaning"

 The Kid has ventures with MGM Digital and Universal, on top of his own label situation. Already deep in the game, with numerous A-list co-signs, KS is back with "Spring Cleaning". Featuring guest appearances from Raekwon, Trey Songz, and long time co-d Blake, KS also snags top notch production from Vinny Idol, Havoc, and AraabMUZIK. Despite all this star power, one of the discs standout tracks "For All I Know" is simply Springs telling us how it most likely i,s over a fire Sinema track. With few low ,lights "Spring Cleaning" is a solid listen, and the Kid got bars for days. Like Dipset's Vado, KS recalls a time when east-coast lyricism was dominant. This is evidenced quite clearly on the radio freestyles sprinkled throughout the mixtape. These consist of Kid Springs offering his interpretations of classic beats like "Quiet Storm". Definitely worth the DL, Kid Springs is on the come-up. Get familiar early.

Follow @TheKidSprings and check his myspace, more Kid Springs Mixtapes after the break.

New Artist Cuey "Cuey Sings The Blues"

Ct. representer Cuey will probably saddled with the alternative label with his offering " Cuey Sings The Blues." But that's exactly what his music is, an alternative to the formulatic and generic. Showing impressive musicality, Cuey is a sort of more sonically diverse, one man version of the Decaydance Records roster, if every album was executive produced by Travis McCoy. Using a combination of seperate flows, heartfelt lyrics, and a lot of singing CSTB is a departure from the norm. Third Eye Blind,Tracy Chapman, and Dave Matthew's samples, underscore Cuey's disparate music influences. For all those whining about the lack of originality in today's hip-hop, give CSTB a DL and stop crying.

Check out Cuey's website.

Monday, September 6

Freekey Zekey - Catch Up

Zeke's been getting it in, make sure y'all got all these. I know some are old, but so what. "It's Ya Boy"(Freekey Voice.) Check my interview, if you haven't seen it.

  more after the break

KILLA WATTS AND PREME (730 DIPS) Money Comes 1st

@PREME730DIPS AND @KILLAWATTS730 are official 730 Dip representers, coming out of southern Va. After recording together at the beginning of the decade, the two linked back up after Preme hooked up with @FREEKEY730. They got a distinct sound that shows a lot of different influences. They got a new mixtape "Spazmatic" coming soon, but until then check this out.
 I fuck with Temperatures Rising, I can relate to it. The title track and Crash Test Dummies are also some of the highlights. DL and enjoy.

Follow the female behind the scenes  @GOLDILOCZ730DIP

Jha Jha/Gee Tee Splash

Just when I thought I've seen it all @DarealJhaJha, came back hard with her homegirl @GeeTeeSplash. Jumping back in the game, they've both released mixtapes. There's a lot of controversy here, but we're only about the music. Fortunately it's there. Both discs Futuristic Pop Star, & Swimming Wit The Sharks are strong offerings by Jha Jha and GeeTee respectively. The former is exactly what it says, futuristic pop. It's kind of like a upbeat 808's & Heartbreaks with raps, but really it defies comparison. Gee Tee's mixtape is just some straight up gangsta shit, with a lot of appearances from her G-Squad crew. Let me tell you these cats are nice, I'll definitely be checking for them. While I'm not a fan of the beef issues, the materials here.

I always fucked with Jha Jha's solo disc Git It Girl. Make sure y'all follow her and Gee Tee, these ladies got something to say.

Sunday, September 5

Shit That Crank

This edition features bangahz from 8Ball & MJG, Kurupt, Mack 10, Saigon, Jay Z, Noe, & Bone Thugs.
8Ball & MJG ft. E-40,Mac Mall, & Big Mike "Friend or Foe"
This right here is an all time great song. Just wish they had got UGK on it. Man that era Bun would of ripped it.

This is their MySpace. 8Ball's classic Lost is a must own. This is my favorite MJG disc No More Glory, only $1.55 at Amazon.
more videos after the jump

Slim Thug Cleaning Out The Vaults

Boss! LaLa Interview after the jump.

Saturday, September 4

Don't subscribe to mixtape sites,use utorrent.

Mixtapes are free promotional cd's, given away by artists to promote themselves.So you shouldn't have to deal with putting in codes, download limits, or monthly membership fees. Let me hip you to the wonderful world of torrents. None of this will have a virus, so no worries. First you need to have a torrent program on your computer. Get that here, download it adnd follow the prompts to install it.Then log-on to . Find the cd you want and go to it. Then simply click the attachment and your computer will open up the utorrent program. Hit ok and it will download fast. You now have a mixtape with no hassle. Enjoy.