Monday, September 6

Jha Jha/Gee Tee Splash

Just when I thought I've seen it all @DarealJhaJha, came back hard with her homegirl @GeeTeeSplash. Jumping back in the game, they've both released mixtapes. There's a lot of controversy here, but we're only about the music. Fortunately it's there. Both discs Futuristic Pop Star, & Swimming Wit The Sharks are strong offerings by Jha Jha and GeeTee respectively. The former is exactly what it says, futuristic pop. It's kind of like a upbeat 808's & Heartbreaks with raps, but really it defies comparison. Gee Tee's mixtape is just some straight up gangsta shit, with a lot of appearances from her G-Squad crew. Let me tell you these cats are nice, I'll definitely be checking for them. While I'm not a fan of the beef issues, the materials here.

I always fucked with Jha Jha's solo disc Git It Girl. Make sure y'all follow her and Gee Tee, these ladies got something to say.