Wednesday, September 8

New Artist Cuey "Cuey Sings The Blues"

Ct. representer Cuey will probably saddled with the alternative label with his offering " Cuey Sings The Blues." But that's exactly what his music is, an alternative to the formulatic and generic. Showing impressive musicality, Cuey is a sort of more sonically diverse, one man version of the Decaydance Records roster, if every album was executive produced by Travis McCoy. Using a combination of seperate flows, heartfelt lyrics, and a lot of singing CSTB is a departure from the norm. Third Eye Blind,Tracy Chapman, and Dave Matthew's samples, underscore Cuey's disparate music influences. For all those whining about the lack of originality in today's hip-hop, give CSTB a DL and stop crying.

Check out Cuey's website.