Sunday, September 5

Shit That Crank

This edition features bangahz from 8Ball & MJG, Kurupt, Mack 10, Saigon, Jay Z, Noe, & Bone Thugs.
8Ball & MJG ft. E-40,Mac Mall, & Big Mike "Friend or Foe"
This right here is an all time great song. Just wish they had got UGK on it. Man that era Bun would of ripped it.

This is their MySpace. 8Ball's classic Lost is a must own. This is my favorite MJG disc No More Glory, only $1.55 at Amazon.
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Kurupt ft. Nate Dogg "Girlz All Pause"
There was a lot of good ones on Kurupt's second solo album, but this was my favorite.1999 was a good year for hip-hop.

Follow Kurupt. Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha, is the album this is from, and definitely worth owning.

Mack 10 "Do The Damn Thing"
Manny Fresh put his whole leg in this. Classic Fresh humor, he starts off by saying "Do the damn thing,ya dunt-da-dunts." I'm proud to say that was one of my 2 year ols first phrases

Bang Or Ball  is Mack 10's debut Cash Money release and the production is flawless. He also made the movie Thicker Than Water with Fat Joe, there was a lot of money for rappers in the late 90's.

Saigon "Aye Aye Aye"
Killer Mike and Saigon mix gangsta & intellect better than anybody(including Nas,) maybe it's the authenticity.

Just Blaze needs to say fuck the record company, & get that Saigon out! Welcome To Saigon is good front to back. Sai-Giddy reveals that although he knows Jennifer Lopez "I won't fuck her though." I guess Entourage groupies are drop dead dimes.

Jay-Z  "Things That You Do (ft. Mariah Carey)"
Always been one of my favorite Hov songs. The instructions he gives MC can be useful in many situations. Plus I always thought that this is the perfect marriage of hard lyrics and pop sensibilities.

Since every one thinks Jigga's a Mason, read this and see how laughable that notion really is The Illuminati.

Bone Thugs "Down Foe My Thang"
This song is ridiculous. I remember in DC, Bone was the only video on the Video Jukebox channel for like 5 hours at a time.

Now that Bone's broke up, I found myself thinking about when I first heard them. Creepin on Ah Come Up was their debut, if your balling cop the vinyl  for 169.00 before shipping!

NOE "Dead Presidents Freestyle"

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