Thursday, September 9

Top 10 Rap Movies of All Time

I was researching the first hip-hop movies and I came across several top ten lists. Like most things opinion driven, I had several disagreements. So with no further ado, here's DrankandDank's.
10. Tougher Than Leather
This Run-DMC vehicle had my parents looking at me crazy, when I wanted to see this over Transformers or some shit.
9. Disorderlies
Y'all youngans might not get it, but the Fat Boys were the shit in their day.

8. Belly

Fuck plots that go everywhere, and bad acting. DMX was killing shit! Plus the soundtrack was crazy. I still watch this at least once a year. Just remember young hustlers, there's way more Rico's than Sincere's.
7. Brown Sugar
I remember going to see this with someone's daughter. I thought it was going to be your usual chick flick b.s., I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a dead on take of the rap game.
6. Paid In Full
Great movie. I unleash my inner Rico at least once a day. Girls hate it when you waste champagne.
5. House Party
High Schoolers always keep a fresh condom on you.
I feel this often gets overlooked, and that's with Chris Rock starring.
3.Beat Street
This was the first time I saw Hip-Hop in the movie theater. In the words of the immortal philospher Reggie Noble "On and on, til the break of Rae Dawn Chong."
2.Krush Groove
Too many on and off screen breakthroughs to name. A lot of old heads told me that when they saw this, they knew Rap was here to stay.
1. Boyz In The Hood
The cultural impact of this film cannot be overstated. God bless John Singleton. I always thought Cuba Gooding Jr's manliness was a little suspect though. We all knew a Ricky growing up, Damn!