Monday, October 25


French Montana - Coke Boys Tour

As usual French picks good beats, gives them the right hook, and gets a couple of big features. His flow is steady improving, and I know the streets love him. I don't understand why he dosn't have a retail album out, or why Akon dropped the ball. Inner City Coke Blues is my favorite song.

Ocoop - Money Getter presented by Funkmaster Flex

My man says "I don't own a ski mask, so I'm a rob him after dark". My sentiments exactly.
Money Getter video after the jump

JustDipset presents Disset

This is the good folks at JustDipset's first official mixtape. It features ALL of Cam's disses to various rappers. There's even a couple rare joints on here like "You Must Not Know" and the "Dynasty Freestyle."
link and tracklisting after the jump

Baracka Flocka- Hard In The Paint

Lil Wayne & Curren$y - Dirty Work 14 (The Color Of Money)

As with all Mick Boogie, this is a dope cd. Criminally overlooked when discussing Wayne mixtapes, his chemistry with Curren$y leads us to think of what might have been.

YELAWOLF - I Just Wanna Party

Not sure how official this is, but the songs are.

Grammy award winner Rhymefest Announces Campaign for 20th Ward Alderman

Stack Bundles - The Lost Tapes

Released in celebration of Byrdgang/Riot Squad member Stack Bundles (R.I.P.) birthday, this posthumous release reminds us of what we missed after his tragic passing. With no features (except one Riot Squad track) and top notch all original production including Swizz Beatz and Needles tracks, "The Lost Tapes" gives us 100% Stack. Satisfying to fans, and a good indicator of Bundles work for those who might not be as familiar with him. Standout tracks include "I Don't Know What You Gone Do", "Throw It Up", and "I Choose You"

Thursday, October 21

M.A.L. & D'Nero - Make It Jam

M.A.L. from Loyal Gang/ N.F.L. and D'Nero from the Baltimore Bangahz link up to "Make It Jam".

Music Playlist at

NOE - Merlot Heights - Baltimore Bangahz

(AllHipHop News) Dipset/Byrd Gang member NOE recently launched Merlot Heights Entertainment and is planning to introduce a new crop of Baltimore rap artists to the Hip-Hop game.
NOE, who has been featured on several high profile Dip related projects, including Jim Jones' Pray IV Reign and MOB - The Byrdgang Album, has also worked with major artists like Sean "Diddy" Combs, Ludacris and Busta Rhymes.
“This is a monumental happening for not only my business portfolio, but for the Hip-Hop community of Baltimore City as a whole," NOE told
While Merlot Heights Entertainment has secured major distribution, the NOE opted to keep the details under wraps, until the "ink dries."
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Lil Wayne The Suffix (no Tags)

All time classic, the 500 Degreez re-hab began. Now without DJ Khaled screeching tags. I'm going to start posting a few of the less heralded Wayne classics.

J Period & Black Thought Present "The Live Mixtape" illadelph edition @ the 2010 MANIFESTO Festival (OFFICIAL)

J Period & Black Thought Present "The Live Mixtape" illadelph edition @ the 2010 MANIFESTO Festival (OFFICIAL) from on Vimeo.

Monday, October 18

Cyhi Da Prynce - Royal Flush

 On Royal Flush, Stone Mountain native Cyhi Da Prynce emphatically demonstrates why he's earned co-signs from Akon and Kanye West. Using incredible wordplay, a impeccable knowledge of pop culture, a seemingly limitless vocabulary, and a dead on flow, Cyhi indeed deals us a royal flush. Eschewing guest rapperrs on all but the seminal "Appalled", Da Prynce does more than carry every song by himself, he makes every track his personal plaything. Like a cat he plays with his food before he kills it, on one memorable rhyme scheme, he even weaves Patrick Creighton and Iraqui basement together. From the first song that samples Martin Luther King Jr to a later track where he pays homage to Andre 3000's verse from "Elevators", Cyhi is dead on on every single verse and every single track. On top of two strong mixtapes, CDP further cemented his presence in hip-hop's upper echelon with an memorable performance in the Cypher from this years Bet Hip-Hop awards. Proving that Kanye West is a rare triple threa t(artist, producer, and executive), the young Prynce just put his feet up on hip-hop's couch and got mud all over it. My recommendation is to download this, and anything you see his name on.

Check Cyhi on myspace, follow him @cyhidaprynce.

Cyhi - Prince of Jacks mixtape and B.E.T. Cypher video after the jump

Sunday, October 17

Lil Howie

My man's 14! He's an unsigned rapper from the Bay Area. Catch him on his YouTube, myspace, and follow him @CashinHowie.

Saturday, October 16

The Free Weezy Mixtape

This is a long overdue idea. A compilation of Dipset and Lil Wayne collaborations, that's like cornbread, ain't nothing wrong with that. Make sure you listen carefully to "Who the Hell Is This Girl" which is a dope track, and Sen City does his thing on it.

Freeway - You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself ...

If you haven't bought  The Stimulus Package [Explicit], after all the quality music Free gives us gratis all year long, every year. The Stimulus Package was probably the dopest album of 2010, and the only one I went out and bought again so I'd have a copy for the ride.
Have you forgot:

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Wordsmith - More Than Trying To Kick Knowledge

One of the dopest rappers, MC's, or lyricists, to ever come out of Maryland. Wordsmith is a deep cat, and you actually can learn something from him. One day drankanddank will interview him, and hopefully get footage of him performing. Until then get familiar.

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Provided by
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Cashflow & F.A.M.E.Z M.O.D. (members Of Dramatikz) Vol.1

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Thursday, October 14

Bankroll Jonez

I'm going to go interview UGK records own, Bankroll Jonez tomorrow. If your not familiar, catch up.

Blues Bros. - Kick Rocks

 Blues Bros. is the perfect name for these cats, they're definitely good at getting the band together. With features and productions from Dame Grease, Penz( if you don't know him your wack), Meeno, amongst others, the Brothers shine with features and solo's. Quite abrasive and raw, the Blues Bros are in their own lane. That's the Fuck You part of the highway. This cd is for real rap fans only. If you have to surround your jeans with your big-ass skateboard shoes, pass this by.

Huey Mack - Bright Lights, & Long Nights

Huey Mack is a 18 year old hailing from Morgantown, West Virginia. His lyrics are an example of when keeping it real goes right, eschewing any tough talk or generic gangster-isms. Young Mack prefers to focus on weed, wine, women, and his quest for fame and fortune. The mixtape features stellar production, but the highlights are the songs produced by Big Jerm. I guarantee a lot of people are going to hate on Huey, a lot of people are going to love him, but most importantly, a lot of people are going to hear him.

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Saturday, October 9

DT Dream Team Interview

 DrankandDank caught up with Bricksquad/Lazy K productions representers the DT Dream Team. Coming out of the DMV, catch them chopping it up with DrankandDank, while they're consuming drank and dank.

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Tay Don - Video Shoot Interview/Still Got the Beats

I can't believe you can lease these beats for $500.00. If I was rapping right now, I'd get my budget up. Ignore the player price, the prices are as follows: Lease $500, Buy(semi-exclusive) $750, Buy(exclusive) $1200.
Click this link and scroll to the bottom of the page to purchase.

Wednesday, October 6

Fiend Audio Dope: Fiend International Jones

Calling this a mixtape is disrespectful. This is album caliber material. Standout songs are to many to list, but the Hard In The Paint freestyle slaps. Also peep the collabo with Curren$y.


Monday, October 4

Shyheim - Bottom of New York

 One of DrankandDank's favorite rappers ever, Shyheim is back with his record label Bottom Up. "Bottom of New York" is more of a group release, than a solo Shyheim release. I fucked with Lucky, Castro, and Nizzle. The production wasn't what I expected, but in a good way. Shyheim flows over some beats that I'm not used to hearing him on, and it's obvious that even after almost 2 decades in, he's progressing as an MC. Standout tracks are every Shyheim verse, "The Corner, the insanely catchy "T.V.'s in the Headrest, and "S.I.N.Y."

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Si-Notes - C .O.D. Cash On Delivery

B-More native and Baltimore Bangahz representative Si-Notes is back with her latest release "C.O.D. Cash On Delivery". Featuring the standard mix of original and industry beats, Si-Notes(SN) doesn't disappoint. From the strong intro over Drake's "Successful",  to her renditions of "Renegade" and "Lemonade" she proves perfectly capable of navigating mixtape standards as good or better than the original artists. Her cockiness and brash delivery shines on the original track "C'Mon Baby."  While keeping the bravado intact, she shows a slightly more vulnerable side "Can't Stop My Shine". With NOE & the Bangahz getting a distribution deal with The Orchard, look to see her all over the place. Download Here
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Saturday, October 2

Whitefolkz breaks down the sunglasses game

Caught up with @WHITEFOLKZ, before he shot 3 videos in 2 days. He layed the sunglass game flatter than ballerina ass.
Check him on hits such as this:

Friday, October 1

Meeno AKA Mr .Burns - We-up So Re-up

Meeno the Vacant Lot heavy hitter is dropping In Da Meentime in about 3 weeks. As a warm up he hit us with We-Up So Re-Up, an assortment of freestyles and classic Meeno hits. Listen carefully to some of the older tracks and you'll hear some lyrics that your favorite rappers have bit shamelessly. Standout tracks are "Ha-Ha", the tiltle track, and my favorite classic Meeno "Miss Harlem." If you've ever been to Harlem the latter sums it up perfectly.

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Cory Mo - Check The Stats

It boggles my mind that Mo isn't a more heralded artist. One of the best producers out there, Mo's been putting it down for Texas for the longest. His production credits are heavy in the UGK catalogue, and he's had hits with everybody out of Houston. Check The Stats is a good sampling of some of Mo's work.

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