Monday, November 29

Curren$y - Flying Iron ft. Fiend Offical Video

Dope concept, dope beat, dope lyricists.

Juelz Santana & Jah - I'll Show You How To Dougie

Cory Mo, Devin The Dude, BoB, & Chalie Boy "Gettin High" (Official Video)

Mac Lucci - "Smoke and Syrup" cosign

 One half of the Hustle Boyz( along with D-Dimes), Mac is a DPG representer from South Central. Along with a Snoop co-sign, Lucci is bringing bars with him. His mixtape/ street album "Cortez Music" is right around the corner. Until then check out this Hustle Boyz track ft. Warren G.
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Killer Mike - Ghetto Extraordinary (Mini-Movie)

Lean - Short Dawg ft. Lil Wayne & Southern Flame Spitta 4

Young Money member Short Dawg just released his latest offering in the Southern Flame Spitter series. He's been making a lot of noise on the web and in the streets. Look for him to have a big 2011.

Lady Luck - I've Seen It

This is off  Purple City presents Matrix 2 Reloaded, which I got when I bought Juelz Santana's retail version of Final Destination. It was included as a bonus disc. I was already aware of Lady Luck, I'd read her journal she kept for the Source(could be wrong) and heard her on a few cuts. I was not prepared for this however. Quite simply one of the most heartfelt songs I've ever heard.

Saturday, November 27

Casino - Cno Evil Hear No Evil

After hearing The D.I.P. Agenda [Explicit], you probably wondered about Casino, who is featured twice. Here's some more Casino, this is from 2009, features from Jay Bezel, Mike Knox, & Gillie Da Kid among others.

Friday, November 26

Mike Bigga Supports Black Business on Black Friday

Atl rapper Mike Bigga is spending Black Friday on Twitter promoting Black Businesses. The traditional first day of X-Mas shopping is a day that retailers see the highest sales numbers of the year. The Grand Hustle member is trying to ensure that those numbers benefit Black owned businesses.

Beginning Friday morning Bigga tweeted his views on Black Friday."Amazing to me that in this age of Twitter and FB u Blacks don't know Black Fri is a worse deal than online shopping. Wake Up! Gone" was soon followed by "If ya gonna Blow Money Fast on Black Fri make sure u spend some with a Black Business. U blacks in Atlanta better support. I'm watching.Gone" After sharing this knowledge with us Mike showed that he's more than just talk with this tweet "If u own a Black Business send me a tweet I will RT to 10k people. #SupportBlackBiz." The word quickly spread on Twitter, and soon he had spread free promotion for such diverse businesses as cabinet makers, hand made jewelers, and Personal Trainers.

AZ to retire!

Damn Sosa, props to Mikey T The Movie Star, this is his exclusive.

Casino, Charlie Clips Vado - I Show You How(produced by Max Dollas)

Off Duke Da God's new offering "The D.I.P. Agenda". I've been waiting to hear Vado on a Max Dollas beat, Casino sounds promising, and Clips always has bars for days.

Big L - I Won't

Off of L's second posthumous release "Return of the Devils Son". It goes without saying that Big L was one of the best to ever do it. This song knocks, I like how they fliped Beanie Sigel's "Purple Rain" beat.

Juelz Santana ft. Richmond Rab - On The Block

Everyone knows Richmond Rab from the Skull Gang cd's, but don't forget he was on Juelz Santana's 3rd entry into his seminal "Back Like Cooked Crack" series. They just don't make mixtapes like they used to, Aye!


Tuesday, November 23

Curren$y - Life At 30,000 Feet

This is from when he was still on Young Money.

Kanye West - Cant Tell Me Nothing 2007

This kind of came and went without a lot of fanfare. Not only does it have the first appearance of potential supergroup CRS, it has a truly outstanding Fonsworth Bentley track that Pimp C and Lil Wayne eviscerate.

Nicki Minaj - Sucka Free

This was the first Nicki Minaj mixtape I heard. Notice the song with Gucci and Lil Kim. Nicki was a little more Queens and a lot less Roman on this, it's amazing how she's evolved.

Dr. Dre swap meet mix tape from 1987

part 2 after the jump

Monday, November 22

Purple Sowa - Shiest Bubz ft. Smoke Dza

DL here

Trick Daddy: Lost Tracks Official Shit

Despite the less than official cover, this mixtape is indeed official. Although there's a few throwaway album filler/radio single/club songs, there are several examples of the Trick we all love( thugged out, belligerent, and opinionated social commentary.) Standout tracks are most of the features, 18, and 13.

A-Mafia - Shine On

A-Mafia is having as good a 2010 as anyone. 1 new classic, and a classic classic A-Mafia mixtapes after jump.


In response to @funkmasterflex  saying "I don't fuck with Tupac."

DL Here

Thursday, November 18

Saigon - The Moral of the Story

Now that Saigon got a release date, let's revisit what made us anticipate "The Greatest Story Never Told". If you dont know about @TheRealSaigon, you don't know about good music.

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2 more Yardfather classics after the jump...

The Formatt Radio - God Is Hip Hop

The First and only mixtape to hit the streets that showcases the top Mc's speaking with the one and only GOD, from Rick Ross to Joe budden Prodigy to Busta Rhymes this is Hip Hop no this is God Hop. Brought to you by First And Last Enterprise and The Formatt Radio.. SEEK LOW SEEK HIGH...

Jay-Z on Jon Stewarts Daily Show (Full Interview)


Whitefolkz Feat Tone Trump - All I know (Directed by NRG Visions)

Tuesday, November 9

Los - Shooter

 LOS is a new emcee out of B-More. Sporting crisp delivery, and a diverse range on his subject matter, "Shooter" proves he's a young m.c. worth watching for. Standout tracks include "Money Feels Better" & "Stand The Rain."

LANO - Official Documents

Throwback mixtape from the Baltimore Bangahz own East Side Lano.

Saturday, November 6

Charlie Clips ft. Sha Stimuli & Fred Da God - Punish the Beat

produced by the incomparable Max Dollas

New DT Dream Team

DJ Lazy K Productions/ 1017 Brick Squad members the DT Dream Team blessed us with some tracks. Enjoy.
1. 24 Hours
2. Fly Life
3. OwwwWw

Friday, November 5

Wordsmith -The Righteous Path (Revo Remix) (feat. Kontact, Black Knight & Whitefolkz) & Buzzworthy Bangers Vol. 1

We're always ready for some new Wordsmith. This song which is what's really good, is from Wordsmith's hot new mixtape Buzzworthy Bangers Vol 1. Click my G's medallion to make song play.

Freekey Zekey Tri-Polar + Get Money ft. Sen City & J.R. Writer

New Freekey courtesy of Mr. Peter Parker, plus a little bonus. My man @SenCity730, goes in every time.

Thursday, November 4

Lil Wayne - Da Drought 1 & 2 / Overlooked Classics

Welcome home Weezy. In honor of his release, we'll have two mixtapes in the series that started after I was arguing with a youngan about how the Prefix and Suffix are must haves. Everybody still listens to their Carters but do y'all still listen to the Droughts? I feel this is where Wayne started to find his voice, and this was definitely the beginning of his take over. Ol' Skool cats like myself had always liked Wayne, before tattoo tears were a fashion choice. I always thought he was the most lyrically proficient of the Hot Boys, and the main reason they once got five mics. Say what you want about Baby, but he looked at a very young Wayne and saw all this. If you really analyze the statistics, Wayne might got the strongest resume of anyone in his almost 2 decades in. Salute Wayne, and go get all the Hot Boys albums, I would also recommend Baller Blockin, there's a lot of gems there.

Fabolous - Loso's Way:Rise To Power / Overlooked Classic

   This still gets burn in my rotation.This was also the first time I heard Stack Bundles. The L.O.X. and Joe Budden guest appearances were particularly strong to this all star laden mixtape/ street album.

Wednesday, November 3

DrankandDanks First Concert

The Publicist Models

John Keats said "A thing of beauty is a joy forever."  Need beautiful models for your video? Don't hit the block stupid, hit  @CeceVance.

Young Buck Back On My Buck Shit Vol 2: Change Of Plans

      First thing that got to be mentioned is that this is vintage Young Buck at his finest. Second the whole street album is produced by Drumma Boy. Third is that vintage Buck + Drumma Boy beats is a must d/l and listen to more than once. With the obvious chemistry between the two, they need to become a group like Gang Starr or Eric B. & Rakim. Matter of fact, why ain't there groups like that anymore? One dope rapper and dope producer making dope music?
     Another selling point for this album is that despite having a-list features, on the track listing none appear. In today's rap game you have to give it up to someone who's own merit, lets you determine whether to purchase or listen. The features include 8 Ball, Outlawz, Lupe Fiasco, MJG( who drops an ill Allen Illy reference), Titty Boi, Game(the beat on that collabo is ridiculous), amongst others. Too many standout tracks, just take my word that this goes in, like a Bush for oil.

Shit That Crank - Willie D. Edition

My man Willie D. from the Geto Boys got sentenced to a year and a day in the Feds. An iconic trailblazing legend, he doesn't get anywhere near the amount of accolades he deserves.No comments or explanations, Willie D. is hip-hop, every one of these songs go.

Chelsea Lately: 50 Cent Sense

This shit is hilarious.

Jim Jones - Capo Life

Jim releases this compilation to promote his new site

Tuesday, November 2

Glasses Malone Drive-By Muzik

This West Coast M.C.'s got bars. This strong E.P. is 11 tracks that got DrankandDank awaiting the retail album. Realistic street narratives over slamming beats hearkens us back to the West Coast glory days of Dj Quik, the extended permutations of the N.W.A. camp, Mc Eiht and other OG music to drive-by too. This New West street album is just what we needed, hard block music, with life based lyrics.

Outlawz Killuminatti 2k10

     The literally Immortal Outlawz are back with this full length street album/mixtape to promote their upcoming retail release "Perfect Timing". After the tragedies that befell them the Lawz have either individually or in various permutations gone the underground route, Koch releases, Murder Inc., and Rap-A-Lot associations. Now back under  their original moniker the Outlawz started as 7 but are down to 3.Young  Noble, E.D.I Mean, and Hussein Fatal are back setting the foundation for a strong future. The mixtape has all original production from quite a talented assemblage of producers that at least I haven't heard of, but they got some heat. Particularly strong were Bandgeeks, Drumgang, and Cye Fye whose contributions include the seminal posse cut "Cooley High" which recalls the Lawz glory days rapping with 'Pac and an all star selection of West Coast talent.
     As usual the Outlawz stay true to real life reality talk, thug motivations, and shout-outs to those gone but not forgotten. Their is definitely wisdom and knowledge interspersed throughout the whole disc. Each remaining member also has a solo song. While all strong, the standout is Hussein Fatal's self produced "Do It Right". Guest appearances are dished liberally, with new comers Stormey, Mainavent, Tay Martel, Tony Atlanta, Ali Bang, Bigg Mizz, being joined by Young Buck, Freeway, GLC, Yung La, and the Jacka. Freeway has probably the most memorable verse, but the Outlawz chemistry with Yung La is particularly effective on the infectious banger "Gotta Get It".While never really going away, Killuminati 2K10, establishes the Outlawz suarely back in the forefront of street approved hip-hop.

G- Unit Radio 25 "Sabrina's Baby Boy" - Overlooked Classic

When it's all said and done, 50 would have a seat at the all time great table solely off mixtape output. In the controversy, retail releases and touring, some gems have been overlooked such as G-Unit Radio 25. Packed with quality material from the whole G-Unit camp, "Sabrina's Baby Boy" features several highlights including 50's trademark hilarious skits. Young Buck showed his ass on every track he got on.