Wednesday, November 3

Young Buck Back On My Buck Shit Vol 2: Change Of Plans

      First thing that got to be mentioned is that this is vintage Young Buck at his finest. Second the whole street album is produced by Drumma Boy. Third is that vintage Buck + Drumma Boy beats is a must d/l and listen to more than once. With the obvious chemistry between the two, they need to become a group like Gang Starr or Eric B. & Rakim. Matter of fact, why ain't there groups like that anymore? One dope rapper and dope producer making dope music?
     Another selling point for this album is that despite having a-list features, on the track listing none appear. In today's rap game you have to give it up to someone who's own merit, lets you determine whether to purchase or listen. The features include 8 Ball, Outlawz, Lupe Fiasco, MJG( who drops an ill Allen Illy reference), Titty Boi, Game(the beat on that collabo is ridiculous), amongst others. Too many standout tracks, just take my word that this goes in, like a Bush for oil.