Friday, December 31

Cam'ron "My floors dance!"

Killa gives us a impromptu house tour via twitter.

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Short Dawg Interview

Drank and Dank caught up with Young Money member Short Dawg. He's already released a popular mixtape series, spent time on So So Def, and been featured on We Are Young Money. Drank and Dank asks him about those things, his future plans, his relationship with Russell Simmons and more.
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Thursday, December 30

Do Or Die Trunk Music (mixtape)
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Cavie - A Gangsta And A Gentleman

Knoc-Turn'Al Presents: J-Beam & Knawledg "I Fux With The DJ"

J-Beam & Knawledg represent MathMadix Ent. with the release of "The Dropout" project being released for free download on on January 1st 2011.
"The Dropout" is a remix/mash-up project. Consider it an appetizer to the numerous projects MathMadix will be dropping in 2011. Mathmadix consists of Knoc-turn'al, J-Beam, Knawledg & Ripacut.

Prospect Penz Feat Cory Gunz "Tell The Truth"

Tay Don - Robbin Season


Happy Birthday Chad Butler!

Mark Ronson ft. Saigon & Rhymefest – Wreck The Halls

Tuesday, December 21

Baller Alert: Kat Stacks spends $3218.15 a day on commissary?

Kat Stacks
a guards montly paycheck is what i spend on comenssary in 1 day
14 Dec via web Favorite Reply

Assuming she means commissary, let's investigate Ms.Stacks claim. According to whoever posts for her on 

Tha Prez & Dimdalytes - Motherfuckin Hit

Straight from the West.

Jon Connor Feat. Saigon & Consequence “The Message” Remix

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Mikkey Halsted ft Freddie Gibbs - FNB

Mikkey Halsted ft Freddie Gibbs - FNB (Prod. No ID) Dir: N2ition from Brandon "N2ition" Riley on Vimeo.

Dark Room today,link to come.

Classic Lil Wayne Freestyle

This was when Wayne was in a little off period. 500 Degreez wasn't very well received, but when I heard this I knew. 3 Carters and 3,000 mixapes later and he's on top of the game.

Danny Vola- Waka Flocka Flame No Hands- Acoustic Cover

Mike Bigga and Big Boi's first performance in 5 years.

You can say that this is a video of @Mike_Bigga & @BigBoi performing together for the first time in five years. I prefer to call it soul food.

Prospect Penz ft. Styles P & Lil Nickels - "Dont Forget The Times"

KD-Drop (Prod. DJ Burn One)


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Yelawolf, Being A White MC in 2010

Redman - Redmania

NOE ft. Jim Jones - Christmas Eve

Without any hyperbole, NOE is a top 5 lyricist. If you don't agree you're just not listening. Follow @noemoney to get insightful and intelligent tweets.

Saturday, December 18

New Mak Mustard ft. Max B - All My Life

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Earlier Mak and Max

DrankandDank preview: Chopping it up with DJ Vlad and DomingoBeats

Meeno talks about Hud 6

Round and Round - Sen City ft. J.R. Writer

"Night Nurse" short G-Dep documentary

104 - Night Nurse

G-Dep admits to 1993 murder!

Former Bad Boy rapper G-Dep ( born Trevell Coleman) walked into the 25th Precint and confessed to killing a man during a 1993 robbery.

According to the New York Post, G-Dep walked in and confessed to the murder after 17-years of living with the burred. He told police officers he rolled up on Henkel on Park Ave and 114th street and announced a robbery.

When Henkel resisted, G-Dep shot the man three times in the chest and throw his gun into the East River.

G-Dep, 36, had been arrested over 25 times for a variety of charges, including drugs, burglary and now, murder.

The rapper released one album for Bad Boy titled Child of the Ghetto, which produced the hit single "Let's Get It."

G-Dep was charged with murder and is being held without bail.

Live from Club Blakelys- Tito Green, Freekey Zekey, Cam'ron, and Vado

Kid Springs Feat Lil Tee - Sunday Morning Rosary's

Knoc-turn'al - 1-11-11 (The Prequel)

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Friday, December 17

Mickey Da Kid - Coco Loso


Moeazy - Living Young

LA Lakers Rap All-Stars - Just Say No!

Shaq was not the first rapping baller. Check out the 1987 Lakers They're all here: Michael Cooper, AC Green, Byron Scott, Kurt Rambis, James Worthy, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar... Even Pat Riley.

Sempe Ft Charlie Clips "Long Time" Dir. By Masar

CurT@!n$ – #Killer Tape (Mixtape)

This goes hard, worth the download.

PROSPECT PENZ 2000 & Penz (Potent Product Edition)

Ever since he made an impression on several songs from Public Enemy #1, we always check for Prospect Penz.

L.E.$. – Quik Tape (Mixtape)

All DJ Quik beats.
01. Never Lie (Intro)
02. Like Me
03. My Name
04. Interlude
05. Mindstate
06. Gz Up
07. Gettin’ That
08. Outro

download here

A Message To All The Wanna Be Dj'S!

E-Luv - Bound To Fall

Wednesday, December 8

Dj Fletch & Chalie Boy - Chalies Angels

I'm a big fan of Chalie Boy, in a game full of copycats, he's not afraid to be original. This was released about two months ago. Follow @D3CHALIEBOY.

Necessary Playlist :Jayo Felony - Too The Nec (Time Is Bread)

 This 2007 banger features Jayo making some industry beats his own and some classic O.G. West Coast cuts from Jayo.

Tuesday, December 7

Jack Tradez in "Storybook Girl"

This is well done all the way around. Follow Jack Tradez.

Antidote - AZ Hustlers of UGK Records ft. Willie Nortpole & Gel

AZ Hustlers: 

World Famous Supa Funk Regulata Celo on the 1's and 2's (@SupaFunkRegCelo)

Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach - Gorillaz ft. Snoop Dogg

Snoops evolution as a musician in the last 5 years is impressive.

Slim Thug uses Twitter to "Build-A-Bitch"

Tha Thug Show     Not only does Slim Thug have Tha Thug Show out right now, he also has a master plan. After commenting on Twitter that getting butt enlargement surgery is now as commonplace as getting breast implants, Slim Thug had this to say in his following tweets. "Well fuck it since it's no big deal ima find a pretty chick wit no body and build me a bad bitch" followed by "Instead of buying her a expensive purse for Christmas ima invest about 5k in a pretty chick wit no body."
     After giving it some thought the H-Town rapper posted " Aiight all the pretty chicks with no ass or titties hit mr up now and ima pick one of y'all and buy u some ass and titties." Within one hour so many females had responded that he decided to enlist the help of his 120,000 + followers to choose the lucky girl. No stranger to innovation, Thugga earlier released his own iPhone App. No details on when the contest ends, but interested ladies can send there pics to @slimthugga.

Still Ringin' - Slim Thug & It's The Real

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Monday, December 6

Max Dollas Interview

     DrankandDank caught up with Max for a phone interview. For those not familiar with Max, he's an up and coming producer who's done a lot of work with Dipset West, Charlie Clips, and A-Mafia among others. In the interview Max discusses his production team the Dramatikz, Duke Da God, and working with A-Mafia. He was also kind enough to lace the audio with his beats.


Bad Azz - Im Baaack & I Aint Went Nowhere

If you call yourself a rap fan and don't know about Bad Azz shoot yourself. Go listen to Krazy from the retail Makaveli

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Personal Business
Executive Decision
Money Run
Thug Pound