Tuesday, December 21

Baller Alert: Kat Stacks spends $3218.15 a day on commissary?

Kat Stacks
a guards montly paycheck is what i spend on comenssary in 1 day
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Assuming she means commissary, let's investigate Ms.Stacks claim. According to whoever posts for her on 

Kat Stacks
to write to kat : Andrea Herrera , P.O. box 560 , trout , LA 71371

A quick google search reveals that P.O. box 560 , trout , LA 71371 is LaSalle Detention Center US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. That would make it a federal facility, and thus the guards federal employees. Further investigating allowed us to determine that federal correctional officers make $38,619.00 - $48,010.00 /year. Taking allowances for Ms. Stacks claim, if we divide $38,619.00 by 12 = $3218.15 a day. Even though we just did it, we'll let you do the math.