Saturday, June 12

A Mafia get familiar now!

This man is the hardest street rapper out. Nothing more to it!
Go to and cop Lord of the Streets, and the criminally slept on From Harlem to Hollywood.

Old shit that Cranks!

This is going to be a regular feature here at dankanddrank. A lot of shit got overlooked, was the only good song on the album or just plain got forgot about.

I wish my dead animals talked to each other!
This is Rich Girl off the debut Young Gunz featuring Juelz Santana. A!

A! Don't forget Santana's still that dude.One day he'll release new music that dosn't involve Wayne or an R&B singer.
This is Yukmouth ft. Young Noble(Outlawz) Desperado off United Ghettos of America.

Don't know who produced this, but Goddamn that beats harder than a motherfucker!

Trick will always be raw as Catholic sex, act like you don't know someone who got his ass whipped in a strip club!!

First mixtape had to be...