Sunday, June 13

Herb McGruff, Harlem stand up.

Everyone should love the Crime Dog. In my opinion anyone that was in C.O.C. has earned legend status.
I hope y'all knew about this

Check out McGruff's newest, it's good to see the big homie putting out new material. We need Herb McGruff. Now just make a track w Heavy D again & let him produce it.This has new and old material, good way to get familiar.

Damn,look how people pay big $ for McGruff cd's
Destined to Be
McGruff interview coming soon!

Young Hustle - Kill Switch

The Dipset West fam is putting out solo's fast. Good work ethic from the camp.

Here's the album.

Good features Crooked I, Roscoe,Hell Rell, Lil Flip, Vado, Knocturnal(I always did fuck w/Knoc).
Gangsta's wearin red or blue like Sixers hats.

Old shit that cranks!

Now this shit went stupid hard.

This cd is super rare.
buy Shyheim Manchild cd here
buy mp3 album here
I think Untouchable is the best rap album ever.Peep Shaq and Kane from Menace in the video.

Get the cd here:

Cam and Vado shut Summer Jam down, slime!!

They shut this shit down. Shout out to Dj Bobby Trendz.

Support the movement here:
Cam'Ron & The U.N. Presents Heat in Here 1

Byrd Lady, you might need to hear!

You can't even front Byrd Lady killed that!
This is something you should hear. Byrd Lady is strong, we might see her on the next XXL Freshmen next year. They can't front on the set every year(see Vado).