Monday, June 14

Sheist Bubz Everydaze My Birthday!

The Emperor returns with a new mixtape.Not enough credit is given to this man who's grind should be a model for any aspiring CEO.The first time I ever heard my man A-Mafia was on a Purple City mixtape. I fucks wit Emperor's New Clothes hard. Bubzy has improved his flow every outing. DrankandDank interview coming soon!

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Shiest Bubz: The International Bud Dealer (The I.B.D.)
The Purple City will get you real familiar. Used for 68 cents that's way to low for Bubzy!
Road to the Riches: The Best of the Purple City Mixtapes

Jacki-O Griselda Blanco

I've been on Jacki-O (yes hetero) since I heard her on a G-Unit tape (I can't find it.)I remember it was the first time I heard the Game to.
Here's a link to download her new mixtape Griselda Blanco

This one go's hard too!

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Lil Red Riding Hood [Explicit]
You can get this one for $2 new
Poe Little Rich Girl

Shit that crank!

Simply one of the finest songs I've ever hard. Sparks verse is just raw emotion. The Roc break-up fucked up a lot of shit.

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The Pay Back
Juvenile always had great beat selection. It ain't no coincidence that his music blew Cash Money up!

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Beast Mode
This might be my favorite Cory Mo beat. How come Texas be having some of the best but most slept on. When they got some major shine we get Mike Jones, and not the man Mo who consistently brings the flame like the start of the Olympics!Closest producer to Pimp C.

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Ain't Nobody Trippin
Houston's Most Unknown

Mully Man get Familia!

I'm from Prince Georges County MD so I had to get some Maryland rappers on here. This is my man Mullyman from B-More home of The Wire. I'ma have an interview with him coming soon.

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