Friday, June 18

New Artist Gitty Dough

This man Gitty hit me up on twitter and I think he's got potential. I like Bars (he's the 2nd rapper) and Tweakin.

Gitty Dough's myspace 
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Shit that Crank Killer Mike "Devil Is A Lie"

This goes so hard it get's it's own Shit that Cranks!

Freddie Gibbs "The Ghetto"

Freddie Gibbs got that knock.

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Lady Luck if skills sold...

Lady Luck would have elevators in her guest house.

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Un Kasa Al Quaeda's most vividest author

Happy Birthday Un Kasa. Shouts to the whole Skull Gang. I got a feeling they'll do something big this summer.
Un Kasa Intro from Diplomatic Immunity

Kasa always sounds like he's hungry.
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Ron Artest ft. Mike Jones, Capone, Nature "Get Lo"

Ron-Ron got him a ring. Look for his single "Champions." Shout out to his shrink. Peep MC Shan at the 2:30.

Kobe Bryant K.O.B.E. ft Tyra Banks

Congratulations to the Lakers. Fortunately Kobe will never have to go to plan B.