Saturday, June 26

Whitefolkz! This man is doin it!

I can't beleive I'm just finding out about this cat. My man's worked with Tone Trump,Mully Man, Kingpen Slim, Chevy P from Field Mob, and more!
Buy his music here
Peep this, my man's laying on the girl spittin:


"New music from Thadd Williams - What More Can I Say off of Blue Collar Code"

These guys hit me up and sent me this track. - Thadd Williams - What More Can I Say
Dude definitely got a mic presence. I'm feeling the beat as well. It boggles my mind how much undiscovered talent is in DC,MD, and Va! I'm sure we'll hear more from the Mic Fiend Music Crew!

NOE !! Interview coming tomorrow!

The Baltimore Banga, Burberry Boss, and I'm seised my first interview is going to be with someone I fuck with hard. Here's why:

Damn my man holds it down for Maryland.