Friday, July 2

C.A. Bangers

I get people hitting me up with music a lot already. These cats right here put it down for real. This is some professional shit. Plus they be poppin off the dvd's!

follow my man cabangers!


Just got back from Harlem. I got interviews with Freekey, Zeekey, Sheist Bubz, Tito Green, A- Mafia, & Herb McGruff. Also shouts to Cece Vance, Young 6, Agent Zer09 aka The Marshall & Julie O'Pay. They all showed
mad love and made sure I had everything I needed. McGruff was cool as shit, A-Mafia was realer than a mofo. Sheist Bubz had mad good energy and the 730 squad gets it poppin. Zeekey and Tito move with the people. Big love and happy birthday to Ian my cameraman, who's throwin the biggest party in DC tonight at Club Park. He let me stay up in Wagner, where it was live the whole night. Didn't get a chance to link up with Broadway Slim or Smoke Dza but that's going to happen on the next go-round. All interviews to be posted soon!