Saturday, July 3

Charlie Clips Scooby Snacks Vol.1

     The homeboy CHARLIE CLIPS just dropped his new mixtape Scooby Snacks Vol.1. The all freestyle compilation goes a long way toward cementing Clips rising presence in NYC hip-hop. Have no fear, even though it's labeled as an all freestyle project, some time and thought were applied to song composition. Charlie made his name battle rapping, and he never strays to far from his customary pop culture punchlines. At times deciphering his intricate metaphors and analogies can leave you lost, so this is an involved listen. You will definitely need to rewind some shit to catch it.
     Just when it might be getting to much, Clips steps back and lets some other cats get some shine. J.R. Writer shows up and delivers a verse worthy of the Diplomats first heyday on the standout "Gun Muzik". Not quite sure who it is, but the last cat on "Ya Killing Me" steps right in and crushes it. The Drake and Alicia Keys features(samples?) are well constructed.
     Clips definitely has a bright future in Hip-Hop, whether on his own or as part of the U.N., Dipset, or his own. Scooby Snacks illustrates his creativity, and ability to ride a number of different beats. Charlie demonstrates a versatility with different flows which I wasn't expecting. The drawbacks are Clips might need to dumb it down a little bit. His rhymes are all complex and intricate, which might not grab the casual listeners ear. That would be a shame because we need more rappers like Clips and less like .....?