Thursday, July 8

L.Black aka Headshot Black

My man LBLACK_215 (follow him) is droppin mixtapes crazy. He's focused and doing everything on his own. My man call's himself the East Coast Bully and is a habitual line-stepper. He's going to come up and remember who knew. Check out Headshot:

In 4 years he's appeared on over 90 mixtapes. Hustle always respect hustle.

Freekey Zekey shout out!

Freekey's latest Gangstas Ambition . Buy The Book of Ezekiel [Explicit] , then get White Boy Wasted and buy Blame It On The Henny [Explicit].!

interview coming soon!

A-Mafia Approves!

Buy A-Mafia's latest Digital Hustler

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Jay Bezel is the most underrated rapper out!

Don't believe me, think I'm lunchin? Nah, you are:
This is off one of the greatest mixtapes ever

What you know bout goin from 12 12's to cinderblocks?

He holds his own with Lil Wayne right here 2.

"I ain't talking bout European cash when I'm pounding"

This is from Bezel's slept on debut Philadelphia Beast .

 "I'm l;ike breakfast spread how I stay jamming toast"
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