Monday, July 19

DJ Green Lantern Jay-Z Creative Control

This shit go extra hard. I don't feel like I'm exaggerating when I call this an instant classic. Obviously Jay-Z always got lyrics and he shows out on a few joints here, but the star of this has got to be DJ Green Lantern.
I'm usually not a fan of when they blend verses from one song and the beats of another, but other than the 2pac Rap Phenomenom, I've never heard it done this well.In fact it's more production than blend like. A Lil Wayne verse from the Blow mixtape he did with Santana, is seamlessly blended into an original Green Lantern beat and it sounds if Wayne & Hov were in the booth together. An American Gangster verse over another Green beat sounds like a fresh new Jigga single.There's some totally original content on here and Jay sounds like he's hungrier than he's been in a minute. Cop a physical here.

Freekey Zekey "Gangsta's Ambition"

Get your physical copy in the land of 730.