Monday, July 26

A-Mafia interview

This blog is new and I'm learning all this shit on the fly.I don't know shit about camera's and computers. I never even owned a computer until 2 years ago. I have to apologize to A-Mafia for the video quality. If he ain't have so much to say, I wouldn't even post this. Hopefully like Jay Bezel he'll give me another shot. We've learned a lot in two months & we'll keep on grinding.

You know what's real ate up, this man autographed 3 cd's for me and my man.

Saucey Baby(Skull Gang South) Major Harris ft. Richmond Rab

This is a new video from Skull Gang South. Cameo's from Juelz and other Skull Gang representers. No word yet when their first project comes out. Anybody who listened to the Takeover knows Rab keeps it funky. He had several standout verses, and made a big impression on me. This the first time I've heard Major Harris, but I like how he's got his own style.That's why we need that new Skulllgang fast, the team don't sound like no one else. Look out for the Saucey Boys all over Skull Gang The Takeover 2 coming soon.