Wednesday, July 28

Whitefolkz Interview

Whitefolkz is a real cat. I enjoyed the interview, and he dropped 2 viscous freestyles for me, but I'm going to hold those tight for a minute. I'm definitely fittin to invest in a better camera, but that's how it be when your making something out of nothing!
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DMV's own Dream Team

Montana Max, Ree-Up, & CaLii form the DMV's own Dreamteam.Being well connected with many producers and having their own studio, the three also have years of experience with recording programs such as Pro-Tools, Adobe Audition, and Cool Edit. Writing their own music and producing many of their own tracks, DT is on a 24/7 hustle being that everything music related is done within the three. With their own original beats and California, Baltimore, and DC swagger, they are hands down some of the hottest unsigned artists out today.


Shout out to my man Sempe, this man comes to the U.S. for three weeks & gets more done than most U.S. rappers in a year. His next projects going to be huge, and he's the European C.E.O. of Lazy K productions. DrankandDank love's the international grind. Catch him on myspace and facebook. The video with NOE is getting much burn over here.