Thursday, August 19

Blokadee Biggz Official "Smoke & Syrup" co-sign.

This shit is straight fire! I'm not even going to front, this man @BlokadeeBiggz did the damn thing. Get The Money vol. 3 is polished, Biggz sounds like he's been mastering his craft for a minute. Oh yeah, he produced all but 3 songs. I know we're going to be hearing from the B-More to Virginia representer in the future. Just remember where you heard it first.

BoB - Adidas Commercial

 I just saw this, but apparently it's been out for 2 weeks. I'm watching Sportscenter, and all of a sudden this guy Bobby Ray is rapping about smoking the hemi (blowing sticky like adhesive) on a national television commercial! It truly made me proud to be an American.I don't fuck with the shoes though.

KD - My Story

I originally mentioned this poem in this post. I just wanted to give it an individual post, because it deserves some solo shine. Thought provoking and excellently constructed, my man KD crushes more rapper stereotypes than I can name. Hopefully they bring back Def Poetry Slam, so he can recite this.
My Story
I was took from my home snatched from my father and mother
They put me in the hands of these light skinned muthafuckas
Mama said its gon' be alright 'cause they got love for us
But they got me and my brother stacked on top of each other
We got chained together
I wonder if we'll remain together
He ain't moved in a while and I can't help him
If he dead it ain't no tellin