Wednesday, August 25

I Still Can't Feel My Face

This is my favorite mixtape all time, hands down. Hadn't listened to it for about 3 years, and this shit is still fire. You can tell you got a real one by the weight of the disc, for some reason it's slightly heavier than usual. Anything made by Mick Boogie is usually dope, and Juelz & Wayne's chemistry is epic. Plus Jay Bezel and Curren$y got their man.  Maybe one day we'll get the retail album.

I give a chick a bbt, a brick and a bus ticket then she meets me
To the cops and the po-po's y'all hoes
I tell a bitch ride the dick like a new Honda, with the cops behind her
Laffy Taffy came on and she gave me head to the snaps
I got a lot but I'm sensing more, you fucking with my $ I'm sensing war
I pop collars, get dollars and touch hoes like Creflo(Rawse)
A quicker picker upper, cause she's quick to pick the nut up, before a N---- tell her to pick the nut up
I get em for the R.Kelly, that's 17 a chicken