Friday, August 27

Fuck That, Beanie Should of Whipped Him Harder

I was reading a reprint of a 2001 Beanie Sigel interview, when I came across this: " I know when you first came out you had a problem at the Philly radio Power 99. What did that situation teach you? (Editor’s note: Beans was banned from the radio station for allegedly beating up a DJ who was selling "The Best of Beanie Sigel" bootlegs.) 
I knew about this, but I didn't know that it was over homeboy bootlegging Beanie's music. Keep in mind that this was before the Internet was big like that, and Beanie probably could of made a nice profit selling a similar tape himself. What really gets me is the radio station not disciplining the dj(who I believe is Cosmic Kev.) So you mean to tell me that this station has no problem with an employee bootlegging music? That's why the radio is wack.The station's think they're bigger than the artists, and only give a fuck about them if they're on the charts. Fuck that, Beanie should of whipped him harder!
I beleive that this is the cd in question. It is pretty dope though.