Tuesday, August 31

STS Sole Music E.P.

Somos Arte Shirley was the photographer for hip-hop recording artist Sugar Tongue Slim's (STS) "The Sole Music EP." She collaborated with stylists Kiran Goraya & Ericka Mitton of DrJays.com.

<a href="http://slimisgold.bandcamp.com/album/the-sole-music-ep">Sole Music ft Ming by STS</a>






From Plastik Crack:
Fresh off his critically acclaimed cameos on The Roots’ How I Got Over, STS linked up with Honey to showcase the two loves of his life: women and sneakers. The Sole Music EP includes 5 new songs plus the O.G. version of “Sole Music” from STS’ Demand More 2 mixtape. The Sole Music Remix was blessed with a guest verse from fellow sneaker-head Donwill of Tanya Morgan and production on the EP was handled by Parafino, SB Charles, Kenny Beats, Harry & Alex, and Count Justice. Download link after the jump!
1) Sole Music (prod by Parafino & SB Charles)
2) Oniomania (prod by Count Justice)
3) Brown Babies (prod by Brian Leahy)
4) Take Me To Hadley St (prod by Harry & Alex)
5) Is You With Me? (prod by Kenny Beats)
6) Sole Music Remix ft Donwill (Prod by Parafino & SB Charles)

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