Tuesday, September 14

Bun B's been a 5 mic MC forever

Listen to this viscousness, fall in love with it, scream free Pimp C. Then think to yourself, "Damn Bun B was nice a decade before this." Then put your $ down, and your Mddl Fngz up!Smokin Wit Tha Enemy,Trouble,Live Form Da Manjah.

Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs man, where do I begin? This article, or maybe this one. Maybe I'll start with how even the Washington Post is co-signing Gibbs, or how his singles get longer reviews than most albums. I could tell you that when you listen to his music, he paints one of the clearest street life pictures you'll find. Then show you the Freshman Cover, or that he was listening to Master P before P was mainstream. The thing is, I don't have to say anything, unlike some folks, Freddie Gibbs music speaks loud and clear. Check all these out, they're all Str8 Killa. Make sure you hit the last link and buy that.

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