Tuesday, September 28

Funky 4+1 - Thats The Joint (First Rap Performance On Saturday Night Live)

The Funky 4+1 were not only the first rap group to perform on Saturday Night Live, they were the first to perform on live television. Amazingly enough they never recorded a full length studio album. Catch them on myspace & Facebook.

Funky 4+1 - Thats The Joint (On Saturday Night Liv… - MyVideo

Hawaiian Snow - Tony Yayo & Danny Brown

     Tony Yayo returns with potential G-Unit newcomer Danny Brown on the digital only release Hawaiian Snow [Explicit](HS.) 12 tracks long, there's only 3 features on the whole album(2 of which are Lil B.)I've never heard Danny Brown before, but after listening to this I'm a believer.At different times he reminded me of Yukmouth, Tech N9NE, Eminem, and Brotha Lynch Hung, it's easy to see why he calls himself the Hybrid. Sonically HS is inventive and all the beats slap, however I haven't been able to locate the production credits.
     Throughout the disc Brown spits witticisms such as "low key like a midget door", but all you need to know about him is on the last track.  A ferocious lyrical display "Cyclops" lets us know that D. Brown ain't playing. Not to be outdone on the albums standout song "Bags Double Tied", Yayo hits us with /Brock Lesnar with the Heckler/the streets full of avenues of deception/ thin rubber shields on my dick for protection/.   After listening to this disc you will know that Tony Yayo likes Dubai, smoking while on papers(s/o to clean piss), and crucifix blunts. You will also ascertain that Danny Brown watched the Indiana Pacers in the 90's, has a versatile style, and has no problem with white girls sniffing their namesake at his condo. You'll enjoy the musicality of the adventurous and sometimes haunting production. Finally you'll conclude that the Unit has a bright future, more so if they ink the Hybrid.

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