Monday, October 4

Shyheim - Bottom of New York

 One of DrankandDank's favorite rappers ever, Shyheim is back with his record label Bottom Up. "Bottom of New York" is more of a group release, than a solo Shyheim release. I fucked with Lucky, Castro, and Nizzle. The production wasn't what I expected, but in a good way. Shyheim flows over some beats that I'm not used to hearing him on, and it's obvious that even after almost 2 decades in, he's progressing as an MC. Standout tracks are every Shyheim verse, "The Corner, the insanely catchy "T.V.'s in the Headrest, and "S.I.N.Y."

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Si-Notes - C .O.D. Cash On Delivery

B-More native and Baltimore Bangahz representative Si-Notes is back with her latest release "C.O.D. Cash On Delivery". Featuring the standard mix of original and industry beats, Si-Notes(SN) doesn't disappoint. From the strong intro over Drake's "Successful",  to her renditions of "Renegade" and "Lemonade" she proves perfectly capable of navigating mixtape standards as good or better than the original artists. Her cockiness and brash delivery shines on the original track "C'Mon Baby."  While keeping the bravado intact, she shows a slightly more vulnerable side "Can't Stop My Shine". With NOE & the Bangahz getting a distribution deal with The Orchard, look to see her all over the place. Download Here
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