Thursday, October 14

Bankroll Jonez

I'm going to go interview UGK records own, Bankroll Jonez tomorrow. If your not familiar, catch up.

Blues Bros. - Kick Rocks

 Blues Bros. is the perfect name for these cats, they're definitely good at getting the band together. With features and productions from Dame Grease, Penz( if you don't know him your wack), Meeno, amongst others, the Brothers shine with features and solo's. Quite abrasive and raw, the Blues Bros are in their own lane. That's the Fuck You part of the highway. This cd is for real rap fans only. If you have to surround your jeans with your big-ass skateboard shoes, pass this by.

Huey Mack - Bright Lights, & Long Nights

Huey Mack is a 18 year old hailing from Morgantown, West Virginia. His lyrics are an example of when keeping it real goes right, eschewing any tough talk or generic gangster-isms. Young Mack prefers to focus on weed, wine, women, and his quest for fame and fortune. The mixtape features stellar production, but the highlights are the songs produced by Big Jerm. I guarantee a lot of people are going to hate on Huey, a lot of people are going to love him, but most importantly, a lot of people are going to hear him.

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