Tuesday, November 2

Glasses Malone Drive-By Muzik

This West Coast M.C.'s got bars. This strong E.P. is 11 tracks that got DrankandDank awaiting the retail album. Realistic street narratives over slamming beats hearkens us back to the West Coast glory days of Dj Quik, the extended permutations of the N.W.A. camp, Mc Eiht and other OG music to drive-by too. This New West street album is just what we needed, hard block music, with life based lyrics.

Outlawz Killuminatti 2k10

     The literally Immortal Outlawz are back with this full length street album/mixtape to promote their upcoming retail release "Perfect Timing". After the tragedies that befell them the Lawz have either individually or in various permutations gone the underground route, Koch releases, Murder Inc., and Rap-A-Lot associations. Now back under  their original moniker the Outlawz started as 7 but are down to 3.Young  Noble, E.D.I Mean, and Hussein Fatal are back setting the foundation for a strong future. The mixtape has all original production from quite a talented assemblage of producers that at least I haven't heard of, but they got some heat. Particularly strong were Bandgeeks, Drumgang, and Cye Fye whose contributions include the seminal posse cut "Cooley High" which recalls the Lawz glory days rapping with 'Pac and an all star selection of West Coast talent.
     As usual the Outlawz stay true to real life reality talk, thug motivations, and shout-outs to those gone but not forgotten. Their is definitely wisdom and knowledge interspersed throughout the whole disc. Each remaining member also has a solo song. While all strong, the standout is Hussein Fatal's self produced "Do It Right". Guest appearances are dished liberally, with new comers Stormey, Mainavent, Tay Martel, Tony Atlanta, Ali Bang, Bigg Mizz, being joined by Young Buck, Freeway, GLC, Yung La, and the Jacka. Freeway has probably the most memorable verse, but the Outlawz chemistry with Yung La is particularly effective on the infectious banger "Gotta Get It".While never really going away, Killuminati 2K10, establishes the Outlawz suarely back in the forefront of street approved hip-hop.

G- Unit Radio 25 "Sabrina's Baby Boy" - Overlooked Classic

When it's all said and done, 50 would have a seat at the all time great table solely off mixtape output. In the controversy, retail releases and touring, some gems have been overlooked such as G-Unit Radio 25. Packed with quality material from the whole G-Unit camp, "Sabrina's Baby Boy" features several highlights including 50's trademark hilarious skits. Young Buck showed his ass on every track he got on.