Thursday, November 4

Lil Wayne - Da Drought 1 & 2 / Overlooked Classics

Welcome home Weezy. In honor of his release, we'll have two mixtapes in the series that started after I was arguing with a youngan about how the Prefix and Suffix are must haves. Everybody still listens to their Carters but do y'all still listen to the Droughts? I feel this is where Wayne started to find his voice, and this was definitely the beginning of his take over. Ol' Skool cats like myself had always liked Wayne, before tattoo tears were a fashion choice. I always thought he was the most lyrically proficient of the Hot Boys, and the main reason they once got five mics. Say what you want about Baby, but he looked at a very young Wayne and saw all this. If you really analyze the statistics, Wayne might got the strongest resume of anyone in his almost 2 decades in. Salute Wayne, and go get all the Hot Boys albums, I would also recommend Baller Blockin, there's a lot of gems there.

Fabolous - Loso's Way:Rise To Power / Overlooked Classic

   This still gets burn in my rotation.This was also the first time I heard Stack Bundles. The L.O.X. and Joe Budden guest appearances were particularly strong to this all star laden mixtape/ street album.