Tuesday, December 7

Jack Tradez in "Storybook Girl"

This is well done all the way around. Follow Jack Tradez.

Antidote - AZ Hustlers of UGK Records ft. Willie Nortpole & Gel

AZ Hustlers: 

World Famous Supa Funk Regulata Celo on the 1's and 2's (@SupaFunkRegCelo)

Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach - Gorillaz ft. Snoop Dogg

Snoops evolution as a musician in the last 5 years is impressive.

Slim Thug uses Twitter to "Build-A-Bitch"

Tha Thug Show     Not only does Slim Thug have Tha Thug Show out right now, he also has a master plan. After commenting on Twitter that getting butt enlargement surgery is now as commonplace as getting breast implants, Slim Thug had this to say in his following tweets. "Well fuck it since it's no big deal ima find a pretty chick wit no body and build me a bad bitch" followed by "Instead of buying her a expensive purse for Christmas ima invest about 5k in a pretty chick wit no body."
     After giving it some thought the H-Town rapper posted " Aiight all the pretty chicks with no ass or titties hit mr up now and ima pick one of y'all and buy u some ass and titties." Within one hour so many females had responded that he decided to enlist the help of his 120,000 + followers to choose the lucky girl. No stranger to innovation, Thugga earlier released his own iPhone App. No details on when the contest ends, but interested ladies can send there pics to @slimthugga.

Still Ringin' - Slim Thug & It's The Real

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Footage courtesy of ItsTheReal.com