Friday, February 25

Ad Kapone of Totally Insane Interview

East Palo Alto, California O.G. Ad Kapone has a strong history in the rap game. He formed the legendary West Coast group Totally Insane along with childhood friend Mac-10 or Ten Dolla. Later Scoot Dogg would join the group, who had several notable underground releases on In-A-Minute records. After being derailed a few times by the industry and the law, Ad came back strong. Rebuilding by starting T.I.E(The Insane Empire,) venturing into the online and digital realms, and releasing a solo album, AK has made a concerted effort to change with the times. The "new industry", Master P, and the effects of incarceration on an artist were a few of the subjects we explored during an email interview.

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How much has prison hurt the group?
I think me going to prison hurt me, because we weren't able to promote our "Da Game of Life" album. We weren't able to record new music for 6 years. I think consistency is very important, and we lost that when I went away.

 Going over your discography, y'all don't have a lot of features, do y'all prefer to keep it in the camp?
We do like to keep it in house, we would've liked to have more features, but we usually just worked with people we had close relationships with. Now I plan to reach out to a lot more artists and network with artists from other regions.

 What was Master P like in the early 90's and how'd you meet him?
Master p was a real big influence on us back in the 90's he gave us a lot of genuine advice on the industry. He always had something positive to say every time he saw us. I've always respected his hustle and I really look up to P, he's truly an icon to hip-hop.

Total Insanity (from Master P's West Coast Bad Boyz Vol.1)

Who is Ms. East and where is she now?
Miss East was our English/ drama teacher in junior high school, Ravenswood Middle. She used to let us use her classroom to rehearse, helped us sign up for talent shows, and enter us in the school assemblies. She really helped us with performing and being confident in what we was doing, unfortunately we haven't seen her since we graduated middle school and went to high school, but I really would like to thank her for all she's done for us, she helped create Totally Insane.

 In the 90's did you feel any effects or notice any instances of East Coast bias?
Yeah, we sensed a little East Coast bias. Mostly on the road in certain cities closer to the East Coast, but real niggas do real things.  We always broke the ice and overcame by being genuine and real. Anybody that encountered us loved us and respected the music.

Being O.G.'s how do you feel about giving music away for free?
I believe in promoting so I don't have a problem giving music away for free, sometimes you might have to give music away for free to win a new fan. Now that we live in the download age you have to be more savvy and open to giving out free music, before they steal it, then you've lost.

What are you working on now?
My album "Kingpin the 6 Year Theory" is out now, and my new group album T.I.E. ( The Insane Empire) album, "The Rise of The Empire" is coming summer 2011, featuring bay area legend Chunk Younglife, Alias Tone, D.B. Da Gamblah, Just H, Staggmotta, and my wife Mz. Kelly Kapone.

Where can we find your music, and how can your fans connect w/ you?
You can get me music on itunes, rhapsody, napster, and any record store, you can checkout all our videos at Checkout T.I.E.. Radio, Saturdays and Sundays 6pm to 9pm pst. And 9pm to midnight est. at