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Wispers Q & A

Since starting Code of SilenceEntertainment(C.O.S. Ent.)in 2003 Wispers has caught the ear of industry heavyweights such as DJ Sickamore, OG Ron C, Riggs Morales & Jon Gottlieb thru the releases of his singles and mixtapes.  He estimates about 15,000 of his cd’s have hit the streets over the years building his reputation as of the leaders of the new East Coast era.  All this while serving time in federal prison and witnessing the death of his brother in shooting that nearly left Wispers paralysed.Drank and Dank recently caught up with Wispers for an e-mail q & a.
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DD:What's your current project, and what should we expect from it? W:My current project as a whole is my debut album. As of right now, we are working 2 singles both commercially and virally. The first being "Show Stopper" ft Mario, which is a Big Club jump off. The second being "No Love" which is for the street and mainly underground. Both of these records are preludes to what is and will be a series of good music.Listeners can expect to hear something refreshing. I feel like rap is going back to some of its cores right now, and thats my lane. 

DD: What's it like working with Dame Grease?

W:Dame was cool, he came thru the Sony studios when I was up there lacing his track. I'm a fan first so it was definitely an honor to meet and record on his joint.

DD:You lived in Florida, how did that effect you musically?

W:Looking back on it I know it had an impact on me. When I moved from up north I was only used to a certain kind of music. You know the east coast go hard. But after opening up to that way of life I grew to appreciate the whole scene more. And now the mixture of both of the styles is what made my style.

DD:On "Go F*ck Yourself Vol.1" you used  the wiretaps from your court case, what was the reaction from the people?
W:The reaction was huge because the shit sounded like a movie..but its all real, and the way I beat up the mixtape made people who didnt know me before hand check for me.
DD:How important is the college audience for a new artist?
W:I mean, personally I think the college crowds are the fans that are going to make you or break you. If the crowd digs you then you potentially have a fan for life..these people will grow with you as an artist. 

DD:Tell us about C.O.S. Entertainment, are you the only artist?

W:C.O.S Ent. was started in 03. It's the cornerstone of my movement. Currently I am the only artist on it. I feel like when i get to where I need to be I'll have the platform to then reach out, or double back and give somebeody a shot. But real talk I have to get there first.

DD:You've had a lot of stops and starts, what's one thing you would of done different?

W:The one thing I would of done different, I would have not been caught up in the street. You can't serve two masters ya dig, and thats reason for the starts and stops I've had in the past. I wasn't 100% dedicated to my art. Doing bids took a big chunk out my life for awhile there, and being in the system period didn't give me the freedom to do what I needed to do to get it poppin.I'm 110% invested in my project now and have been for the last year and a half and because if that im getting good results feel me?
DD:You've been incarcerated, how would you feel about one of the C.O.'s that worked their while you were down, starting a rap career where they claim to be a crime lord?
W:I dont know how I would feel about that. Don't sound right though. 
DD:Who is the most underrated rapper in Boston history? W:Man, I guess I"m biased when it comes to that question, because I got some dudes around me that I feel are fire, and I feel they're underrated. DD:How's your debut album coming along? Its almost finished. I want to do work with a few key people first, before I close shop. It's something that I'm actually proud of so I think people will be too. 
DD:Where can your fans connect with you online?
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