Thursday, April 21

Meet The Dramatikz

If you've been keeping your ear to the street, you might have heard a fresh new sound bubbling out of the underground. The Dramatikz are a production team led by Max Dollas, that consist of multiple members around the world. With a growing roster (and some subtraction) of eclectic styles and affiliations, it's hard to pinpoint a exact sound, but their strength lies in the versatility.We spoke with the Dramatikz about working in a collective, working with A-Mafia and Termanology, Charlie Clips virtues as an artist, and what's coming up when shit gets Dramatik.
DD: Who are the members of the Dramatikz and where are each of you from?
Rai L: I'm Rai L of the Dramatikz and I'm from Washington, D.C.

DJ Massacre: DJ Massacre from Connecticut, but currently in Europe
Famez: Canada
Max Dollas: I'm also from Washington, D.C.
The Red Army Productions: New York, NY
Nano: Austin, Texas
Gutta: Los Angeles, California
A-Mafia "Fidel Castro" (Prod Max Dollas)
DD: Could each member tell us how they were brought into the group?
Rai L: Max and I set the group up. 

DJ Massacre: I linked up thru Max, he was looking to get an official Dramatikz DJ, he ended up getting a DJ/Producer.
The Red Army Productions: I had recently returned to composing music in late 2010 after a brief hiatus. I met Max through a networking effort on twitter, and from there we just shared our experiences and he agreed to allow my production firm into a venture with The Dramatikz.
DD: What about the group works so well with Dipset?
Rai L: Our sound was directed towards the Eastcoast sound which we were interested in, but we have a lot of other sounds there's not just one sound. We're versatile producers.

DD: Who has the most non hip-hop influences in their production?

Rai L: I would say me because I've produced in every genre.
Max Dollas: It would definitely have to be between Nano & Rai L.

DD: Is there any plans for an artist to have a whole project produced by the Dramatikz?

DJ Massacre: I am in the works of having a whole ATV mixtape produced by me. Shout out to my g's Rah Bigalow, Primetime, DWI and
Max Dollas: I also plan on doing a whole project with Dutch New York of Dame Grease's Vacant Lot. It's just a plan for now though.

Nano: I think it would be dope we somewhat have a project that is mostly Dramatikz produced with this artist named Pistol Da One for his mixtape Overdose.
The Red Army Productions: Ideally I would love to do an entire project with Charlie Clips, his approach and artistic demeanor is Grade A. Unlike many artist he understands the standarized approach of making music; the structure of a song, content etc... Truly an excellent artist to work with, don't let the battles fool you!

DD: Is anyone doing any more work with Charlie Clips?
Rai L: If he needs something then I'll consider, being as though I'm part-Holla Fam.

Max Dollas: Clips and I have a banger on the way out. I can't really release a lot of information about it at the moment just stay tuned.

Nano:  Well back in December 2010 Clips was suppose to drop a Christmas mixtape on Christmas Day I was suppose to have a couple of joints on 
that, I even had the intro track to the tape but the project was scrapped for what ever reasons. We might start again on it for this year, 
but yeah I'm just waiting on the word from Clips of whats next to come
The Red Army Productions: I am currently his go to guy for production at the moment, we have an excellent rapport.  We (Clips & I) recently released The Limelight on March 9th, 2011 which is currently live on hiphopdx, "This is Crazy" which has received play on New York's Power 105.1 on various occasions and "I'm Gone" which is featured on Heavyhitter apprentice DJ Quiz's Cornerstone Mixtape Vol. 135.  I am assuming the execuctive producer role for his album debut which will be an independant effort offered on itunes, amazon and various media outlets, we are currently in the strategic planning stages.
Charlie Clips - Limelight(prod by Red Army)
DD: Does being in different parts of the country help or hurt you? Rai L: It helps because the artists we work with outside the country helps us get a buzz out there, ya know?

Max Dollas: I feel it helps in a major way. No one wants to be local forever you have to expand your brand and be wise about every move you make. Famez is in Canada Massacre is in Europe holding the team down and I've never had a problem with them.
The Red Army Productions: In my opinion, this can do nothing but good.  It allows us to cover ground all over the nation allowing us to introduce our brand in a widespread fashion, it really helps us stray away from just solely being known as a local production team in one city.
    50 Cent - Ghetto Like a Motherfucker (Produced by The Red Army Productions LLC) 
DD: Does anyone have any interesting stories about working with any artists?
Rai L: Well working with A Mafia was a trip,lol. We would make a beat with the East Coast sample and a South type of kick pattern, and he wouldnt like it. When his tape would drop, he had hopped on a more dirty south sounding beat! LMAO.
DJ Massacre: My first big track I produced wasfor Termanology, "At Nite". Term came out to Belgium for a concert with AZ. I linked up with him online before he came out here, set up studio time and banged out that track in about an 
hour. I hit up the concert afterwards. It was definitely crazy to be in the 
studio with an artist that you're a fan of.
Max Dollas: I remember working with Duke Da God for some of his projects. It was a great experience to work with someone that I looked up to in the music industry. Although Araabmuzik & Duke Da God had their differences with me, they still put me on the album. Til this day I'll never understand why, all I can do is be thankful and continue to grind with my team.
DD: Now that it's becoming a full time career do y'all enjoy producing more or less? Rai L: I enjoy producing still and always will. Sometimes it may get tiring but it's what got us here. DJ Massacre: I enjoy producing more now that its becoming a full time career and my beats are getting put to good use. It's crazy to make a beat that you are really feeling, send it out, then when you get it back you have a track thats crack. Definitely a good feeling. Max Dollas: I love producing a lot. As time goes by I get better and better. I'm gaining a little fanbase and new supporters everyday. I'm glad God gave me this chance to do something productive with my life and I hope that others will give my team and I a chance if they haven't already. Nano: I enjoy producing a little bit more because of the different types of music I'm hearing, I just pray to God I do not lose the passion and drive for it.
DD:What are some upcoming work we should be on the lookout for?
DJ Massacre: Well right now im working on a lot of projects with ATV/100mad (Onyx's crew) Bugsy da God (Napalm Recordings) and I got a track with Shyheim right now. I also got a studio project in the works with every track on the cd produced by me, so you can definitely be on the look out for that.

Max Dollas: We have the Dramatik Season 3 mixtape coming soon, We're on the new highly anticipated mixtape from A-Mafia shouts to him, Dutch New York's No Relief, Young Hash of Militia Gang's new mixtape Hash Tag, Nym Dot Audio Dope 2012, Young A$e of Skeme Team's Sour & A Snapple, the Su Da Boss Mixtape and a lot of other projects that I can't speak on at the moment.