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A Conversation with Camp Lo

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Camp Lo is doing it big in 2011. Well over a decade into their career, with a huge following, the Bronx duo isn't resting on their laurels. The duo joined forces with the legendary Pete Rock to record the track "On Smash", and from that collaboration formed the group 80 Blocks From Tiffany's. With the retail album around the corner, the new group recently dropped a self titled mixtape. D & D caught up with the pair and chopped it up about the albums, their career, and hip-hop in general.

Did y'all begin discussing forming 80 Blocks from Tiffany's when you were recording "On Smash", if not what led to y'all linking up?

Geechi Sued
eThat was the start,  the concept for 80 Blocks would come later, kind of  right before we got into the heart of recording the album.
Sonny Cheeba: We did talk about a project when recording it, wasn't til I peeped the "80 Blocks From Tiffany's", did that idea spark.

What is something unexpected about the 80 Blocks From Tiffany's album?
Geechi Suede:  Truthfully I just feel like us teaming up with Pete Rock was something that was unexpected within itself , no one saw it coming!! Not even us hahahaha!
Sonny Cheeba: There's a few things on there that cats might be surprised about.

Do you think y'all were too advanced musically for the time you came out?
Geechi Suede: Everyone says that and I just feel like if that's the case we gonna always be. We gonna always do different things. I think it was perfect timing, we love the era we came out in..Very special..
Sonny CheebaI think we came at the right time, being advanced is a good thing. The sound  can last.

 What's one collaboration that didn't work out that you guys regret?
Geechi Suede: Ummm, we had a show with Out Kast back in the day, and our driver screwed the directions up. We ended up missing the show. We always knew had we met that the collab would be crazy, duo and duo. So next time gotta fly! lol

Another Heist
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Geechi you said performing  Black Connection "It’s like the full realization of the renaissance." Could you elaborate on that?
Geechi SuedeCause  when your listening to the journey of "Uptown Saturday Night' by the time you get to "Black Connection" your fully engulfed in the Movie of it and its like at the shows soon as them horns hit the scene switches  to the climax of drama..

Camp Lo - Black Connection

Do you ever see any of yourselves in new artists?
Geechi Suede Yeah for sure that's the beauty of this tho we were inspired by those that came before us so you know that's the natural cycles of things..
Sonny Cheeba: It almost feels like we're new, cause when 17 year old cats and chicks say the dig ya music, and tell you they just got up on it, its a blessing.

Is Will Smith underrated as a rapper? (Camp Lo ghostwrote for him.)
Geechi SuedeNAHHHHH he sold dumb records, hahahha people love him!! He just in a different category.
Sonny Cheeba: Will Smith,got his cashington up, way up. Can't hate on that black man!

Black Hollywood
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What's one move y'all regret making and one you regret not making?
Geechi SuedeCan't ever stop putting out music and really read the fine print!! Continuing to do it no matter what!!
Sonny Cheeba: I would have dropped "Spanish Harlem" before "Nigger Come On",that's one thing that  I mighta changed.

You famously wouldn't let Arista mess with your sound, do you look down on artists who do what the labels say at the expense of their craft?
Geechi Suede: Nah don't look down to each, there own. The best of both worlds is really the way to go. Thats how it popped for us!! The label having the respect and belief in our vision. And we trusted them to tweak when needed and execute follow through. Balance and structure.
Sonny Cheeba: Ya sound is the thing that makes people come out and party. If an artist changes it up to work for them,so be it...not part of my program

Uptown Saturday Night
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Of all the people you met who were you the most excited about?
Sonny Cheeba: I haven't met Marvin, Hendrix , Micheal Jack. It's still Stevie Wonder,so maybe meeting Stevie. I might get hype.

Where can we find you online?
Sonny Cheeba@camplo
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