Saturday, June 18

J-Hood Q & A

Drank and Dank recently caught up with Yonkers own, J-Hood for a quick Q & A. We asked him if he still listens to the music he recorded for D-Block, what new artists he's checking for (none,) & what's the best J-Hood CD's.
How did you end up recording with Chingy?
Chingy is my dude, he was on my original album that was supposed to drop on D-Block.

What else does O.D.G. (On Da Grind) have planned this year?
 We have a list of different things dropping this year, from mixtapes to DVD's.

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Do you still ever listen to the material you recorded with D-Block?
Every once in a while I throw those Best of Hood cd's in! You can find those at

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Who's your biggest non NYC rap influences?
Wayne, Jeezy, Andre 3000, Ross.
What are the most essential J-Hood mixtapes for the iPod? (Hood on iTunes)
 Hood Stripes, Black Ballin 101, Life of a Block Star, and the Count Down series.

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Do you think your versatility as an artist is appreciated?
Not as much as it needs to be. A lot of people sleep on me now that I'm not with the Block any more.

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What new artists are you checking for?
Not really checking for any new artists. I'm honestly waiting on that Mobb Deep album though.
J-Hood-Ghetto Glory (Feat. Young Buck, Rich Boy, & Ray Cash)
What was more profitable the pre internet mixtape grind, or the mixtape game now?
It's honestly the same grind to me now as it was before. 

Any last words, and where can we find you online?
You can follow me on,  or on Make sure you cop the album "Sorry I Made You Wait", available now on iTunes.