Wednesday, September 14

BallerStatus News: Game Drops First Book Detailing The Making Of'The R.E.D. Album', Makes History

The GameOn the heels of the release of his fourth LP,The R.E.D. Album, The Game released his first book, The Making Of Game's The R.E.D. Album, which hit #5 on Amazon's Digital Music Book chart last week.
With the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 and the #5 spot on Amazon's book chart, he became the first rapper to have a Top 5 album and Top 5 book in the same week.
"I always set out to make history," Game said. "But having a #1 album and a Top 5 book in the same week is something bigger than I could have ever imagined. The R.E.D. Album is like all of my albums in one, so it was the perfect time to write a book. I'm glad that my fans are appreciating my work."
In the new book, which he co-penned alongside veteran journalist Soren Baker, the Game gives readers a track-by-track breakdown of every song on his new album ... from the making and influences behind each track to insider info on songs that didn't make it.
For example, he explains why he doesn't expect LeBron James to respond to Tyler The Creator and him dissing the NBA star on "Martians Vs Goblins," saying: "[Tyler] had his verse already done, but his last two bars, he didn't know how he wanted to go out. It took him two hours to get that LeBron line together, but that sh** was crazy. I dissed LeBron, too, but nobody on LeBron's team has reached out yet because then they're going to become a victim, so why reach out? Just let it go. Take it on the chin. Get up and live to fight another day."
According to Baker, there's a few other nuggets that fans might love, specifically how the DJ Premier-produced track, "Born In The Trap", was born. Apparently, Game reached out to the legendary producer on Twitter ... and Premier gave him one beat to work with.
"On 'Born In The Trap,' he talked about DJ Premier, and how he produced the song," explains Baker. "He also explains how he reached out to DJ Premier on Twitter, and got in touch with him that way ... and how he was like 'Take it or leave it, like here's one beat, if you don't like it, too bad.'
"You get a lot of insider information that you won't find anywhere else. Game did a really good job of explaining the stories behind each song, and where his lyrically influences from each song came from," the writer continued.
Elsewhere in the book, Game talks about a Dr. Dre-produced track, called "Dead People," which didn't make the cut. But when will we hear it? Baker reveals that the rapper is hording it, and will possibly release it on his fifth album.
"I think it's really good for people who are fans of Game, or fans of learning how this stuff really works. We also talked about a song called 'Dead People' that Dr. Dre produced that was supposed to be on the album, but is not on the album," said Baker. "And in the first chapter of the book, Game talks about why that song's not on the album, and how it will be on, hopefully, on his next album."
The Making Of Game's The R.E.D. Album is out now on iTunes,, and
In addition to co-penning Game's new book, Baker has also released two other books in a separate book series called "I'm The White Guy," which chronicles his experiences with some of rap's biggest names over the years. One being The Jay-Z Edition (AmazonLuLu), and the other being The Tech N9ne Edition (AmazonLuLu).
Baker's next book will be part of his Making The Album series, which will detail the making of Glasses Malone's long-awaited debut album, Beach Cruiser.