Thursday, September 8

Transfer Petition For Larry Hoover

This is a petition seeking the transfer from the ADX Florence Supermax Prison in Florence, Colorado.  Mr. Hoover has fulfilled all the requirements educationally and programatically for stepdown from the ADX Supermax Prison. In spite of this, he is continuously denied transfer without sound or penologically sufficient reason, in accordance with the rules for the step down program.  It is important for you to join this campaign seeking transfer for Larry Hoover to a less secure facility because to do otherwise would be to continuously violate the policy of the program and undermine the fairness upon which the program was premised.

Transfer Petition For Larry Hoover

As American citizens who care about the treatment of prisoners throughout the United States, both state and federal, we call for the transfer of Larry Hoover, federal prison number 86063-024, to a less secure facility. He does not fit the criteria for continued placement in the Federal ADX supermax prison, located in Florence, Colorado.

Mr. Hoover has been housed at Florence ADX since 1997, 13 years to date. Upon entering the facility Mr. Hoover was informed he would be in Florence for three years and could transfer out the step down program. The rules of ADX Florence state:“Once an inmate successfully completes the HSP Marion or ADX Florence program, the warden will submit a transfer request to the North Central Regional Directors (Florence ADX program 4).” 

Mr. Hoover has no chronic or severe behavior problems, he has no special management concerns, he has not demonstrated or repeated incidents of assaultive or predator behavior. Mr. Hoover can be transferred under Code 308, lesser security. Mr. Hoover's disciplinary record is impeccable, his program participation and completion is outstanding.  Mr. Hoover has no continued involvement as the founder and leader of the Gangster Disciples, and has continuously demonstrated that he can function in a less secure unit without posing a risk to institution security and good order. We urge that you consider Mr. Hoover for transfer based on what he is doing now, not on his past.