Tuesday, November 1

Cornbread, Richelle, and Us (Interview)

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Bringing back true moxie and funk to the music sphere. Richelle L. Brown is attempting to provide that missing energy. Richelle joins a movement of retro songstresses invading the hyperspace experience. Similar to the Acid Jazz wave of the 90’s that garnered such artist as Nadea Davenport; Richelle L. Brown is that new funk.
Her passion for music sparked during a time when V-103 had more than 10 songs in rotation, and her routine in Conyers, GA was sitting shotgun in her mothers Eagle Summit Hatchback, driving down West Avenue or detouring the back streets as the sounds of The Funkadelics, R. Kelly, Parliament, Janet Jackson, Chaka Khan and Keith Sweat, resonated through her ears. 
Fast forward over a decade, and Richelle L. Brown’s introduction song, “Swagga Black Country Queen” was a 2009 vivid snapshot of an everyday southern socialite lifestyle, where candy colored Chevy Dunks parade down Peachtree, hipsters dance on the bar at the Royal or congregate at MJQ, and ladies fashionably costumed sporting exclusive knee-hi Chuck Taylor’s under an 80’s vintage dress, showcasing what’s really meant by “country queen vintage exclusive”. Furthering her career since then, Ms. Brown has become a darling of College Radio, performed everywhere big and small (particularly showing out at several festivals,) & releasing standout projects, the latest being the ΓΌber funky Cornbread, Richelle, and Me.
Drank and Dank caught up with the talented Richelle and chopped it up about, genre's, her rapping, creating her latest project, and more.
Where did you first sing for an audience? What happened? 
The first time I sang for an audience, I was in the 7th grade. I sang at the black history program, & was very nervous. People were really into my singing, they were used to seeing me dance in talent shows and plays. So singing was like, "oh she can sing?...neat"
What was it like the first time you recorded with a rapper? 
The 1st raper I recorded with was actually Ricky Fontaine. He plays the guitar in my band and he is the bizness with this music.
You were spitting on "Funny", what are your musical plans as far as rapping is concerned? 
I am a writer. The words get written from an emotional place...whatever emotion that may be...Then however they need to be expressed they will be. I dont set plans for rapping or singing. I just do it!

What do you think of labels and genre's?
 Every since my mind can recollect I hated to be boxed into anything. None the less, I do realize that people want to be able to associate, relate, and relay, so genre's are necessary for that reason. I feel like the label that will be right for me, I will do business with. I'm not mad at resources platforms or money...at all...not at all. If we are a perfect fit...lets work it.
You've been booking a lot of shows, what's your routine on the road like?
 I love to perform. It's my water. I can do gestures on stage that I can not readily do on a regular day. I practice singing or stay in the studio as much as possible. I exercise and sing...the whole nine...

Your latest projects title "Cornbread, Richelle, and Me" , hints at an intriguing duality, what's the difference between these 3 entity's? 
All of my me's are on the seams of society. Richelle is the name my granny gave me. It means...Strong ruler and hand of god....Richelle is Rich and wealthy, particular, sweet, mean, full of info, full of questions....demanding...Cornbread is Sexy and Free...She will start a riot...she intimidates the false and loves them at the sametime. Cornbread is from the 70s, 80s and the 90s...they are all me...lol...We all love to sing and dance...
Richelle L. Brown - Fire

What was the hardest song for you to make on the project and why? 
The hardest was "fire." "Fire" was hard because it like none of my previous songs. It is a really intimate song from a real experience on many different levels. I channeled my feelings and my friends around me that were going through similar experiences. I dont like for people to know about my intimate self but sometimes our life stories and pain and triumph are the freedom stories for the hopeful. the easiet was funny...that wasnt even written
Who's your biggest non-musical influence?
 Spirituality...thats how I stay sane in the game ...thats what influences me.
What can we expect from you the rest of this year, and going forward? 
I intend on cultivating my fanbase. I will gain new fans and entertain my devoted fans with new music, visuals, and slam dunk performances. I am expanding. We are expanding the pluto in virgo generation...
What's the best place for fans to contact you, and get your music? 
You can go to thespaceagehippie.com and 84area.com or google Richelle aka Cornbread.