Saturday, November 19

Dutch New York – No Relief

Tracklist & DL after the cut.
01. Tabernacle [Prod. by Music Mystro]
02. The Understanding [Prod. by Red Army Productions]
03. Addicted [Prod. by Broadway]
04. Above Average (Feat. Feti Fantastic, Al-Doe) [Prod. by by F.A.M.E.Z.]
05. The Campaign [Prod. by 183rd]
06. Hunger For Success [Prod. by Max Dollas]
07. Beat Knock (Feat. Twin Gunz) [Prod. by Max Dollas]
08. Its No Mystery [Prod. by Max Dollas]
09. Nah Wan Beef [Prod. by Max Dollas]
10. I Gotta Make It [Prod. by Max Dollas]
11. Battle Inside [Prod. by Chemist]
12. Bonus (Feat. Twin Gunz, Feti Fantastic, Budah The Rueger, Pistol da One) [Prod. by Max Dollas]