Wednesday, April 13

Snoop, Bow Wow, Busta Rhymes, Nelly and The Game : "Free Ish In Gold Coast Australia"

Donnis – Southern Lights

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Aleon Craft – Mothership Decatur

Spree Wilson – The Never Ending Now

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How Do I Keep Police From Searching My Car?

Courtesy of Steve Silverman

A traffic stop can be stressful and terrifying -- especially if you're not prepared. These rules will help protect your rights and improve your odds of driving away safely.

Always Be Calm & Cool
If police flag you down, pull over immediately, turn off your car, and place your hands on the wheel. Police like to see your hands for their own safety -- so wait until they request your paperwork before reaching for it. At night, it's also a good idea to turn on the dome light, so the officer can see you're not armed.

Always greet policemen and policewomen as "Officer". For example, you may start off with "Good afternoon, Officer. How's it going today?" Under no circumstances should you ever talk back, raise your voice, or use profanity with a police officer. Being hostile with police is stupid and dangerous. You can't win that game.

If the officer writes you a ticket, accept it quietly and never complain. Listen to any instruction on paying the fine or contesting the ticket, and drive away slowly.

Maybach Music Group – Sneaker Warz Episode II

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Malkovich – Ayatollah Presley

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Killer Mike Freestyle on Toca Tuesdays

Max B - South Wave

Jha Jha - We Movin’

Jon Connor – Show Goes On Freestyle


New Boyz Feat Big Sean – I Don’t Care (Prod. By Kane Beatz)


DaVinci – Slide Through (Prod. By SMKA)

DJ 5150 & Criminal Manne - BLOW 2 - Mixtape Trailer

Curren$y – Full Metal (Prod. By Alchemist)

Tyga – Black Thoughts Vol. 2

Tyga Black Thoughts 2 - Mixtape Download
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Korleon ft. BIG Krit - Big Lights

DJ Paul Feat Ya Boy - Me, Dats Who

Jim Jones Feat Waka Flocka, Lloyd, And Chink Santana - The Paper (Remix)

Proof Feat T3 – The Fizzo [Prod. By J Dilla]

Tyga Feat Gudda Gudda - Bad Bitches (Prod. By Lex Luger)

Vado Feat Jadakiss And Ludacris - Check Um Out

Hemp For Victory

United States Department of Agriculture, 1942

Hemp for Victory is an educational film promoting hemp farming in the United States. This film contains high-quality information about the Cannabis Sativa plant and large-scale hemp production for industrial use. It has the thorough-yet-entertaining feeling of a Mr. Rogers factory-tour video.
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Young Gliss – Dealing With The Pressure 2

Appearances by  Ca$his,Lo-Keys, Dice Raw, Boo Bonic!, Charlie Clips and more.
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ReUpSpot Presents: Stereotypes

Female rappers shattering female stereotypes. Fuck your glass ceiling, lil' chauvinist. Appearances by Rah Digga, Rapsody, Ra The MC, and many more.
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JR Mint - Smoke Out (prod. by MoSS)

JR Mint & MoSS in studio making "Smoke Out" (VIDEO) after the cut

D12 – Return Of The Dozen vol. 2

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