Wednesday, October 5

GILBERE FORTE' - Some Dreams Never Sleep

 Features from Jim Jones, Pusha T, Casey Veggies, Big K.R.I.T., Bun B and more. Tracklist and DL after the cut

Jakk Frost – Even Gangstas Pray

Method Man – World Gone Sour

Ski Beatz – Ski Beatz vs. The Disco Biscuits

Featuring Mos Def, Nicole Wray, Tabi Bonney, & much more. Tracklist and DL after the cut

Skeme – The Pulse

The Tribe and Big Cats! ft. Smoke Dza - Good Life


D-Dimes - Walkie Talkiez

That Kid Era ft. Styles P - You Lift Me

Jarren Benton - Skitzo

Aleon Craft & George Clinton - Donkey Kong From "Mothership: The Decatur Connection"

Mothership: The Decatur Connection is a collaborative project between funk legend, George Clinton, and creative, hip-hop/funk artist, Aleon Craft.  Mothership: The Decatur Connection is a musical creation consisting of elements from: Aleon Craft’s Mothership Decatur, The Parliament’s catalog - including, Mothership Connection - and original recordings from both Aleon Craft and George Clinton.   Paul Forrest, SMKA-affiliate, is the chief producer behind Mothership: The Decatur Connection and was tasked with taking all of the pieces from Craft and Clinton and creating something unique that reflected their style and vision.  Mothership: The Decatur Connection is an exciting mash-up project combining two very different artists, both with an exceptional creative process.   The project is presented by SMKA & and is scheduled to be released in 2011. 
Aleon Craft - "Donkey Kong" 
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DJ Deadeye Ft. Cormega - Intermission

Mac Lucci - California Hustle Trailer


 Official Opening To Be Celebrated November 1st
Houston, TX ~ Rap artist Trae Tha Truth has long been known for giving back to the community. Back in 2008 he was honored with his own day, ‘Trae Day’, by then Mayor, Bill White, for his many acts of community service to those less fortunate in his city. Each year that day has seen Trae hosting a free block party featuring donated school supplies, school immunizations, children’s game and rides and a free concert by an impressive roster of local and nationally known artists. Taking that commitment a step further, Trae, along with his charitable organization, Angel By Nature (ABN), is to open an emergency children’s shelter to temporarily house children who have ended up in the system while more permanent placements can be found. The official opening of the 3,000 square foot facility, built out to house 20-30 transitional children, ranging in age from newborn to 17 years, will take place on November 1st.
Trae was inspired to take on this lofty venture after becoming acquainted with Marilyn Gambrel; a former parole office turned non-profit founder who advocates for children of incarcerated parents through her No More Victims organization. After adopting the charity and being sworn in as an honorary member, Trae became intimately aware of the problems facing kids who through no fault of their own, ended up in a swamped system. He felt compelled to do something to help and the ABN facility was born. After discussing his feelings with Angel By Nature Supervisor, Roderick Batson, the idea was born and things were set in motion.
Although Trae recently dropped what is arguably his most important album to date, “Street King”; a project that features an A-list roster of cameos like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Lupe Fiasco and Wiz Khalifa, he says this shelter is closer to his heart than all the fame money can buy.
“I’m more happy for this than anything I’ve done.” Trae shares in a rare moment of excitement. “These kids are the world. It’s bigger than me and it’s bigger than the city.”
Trae is adamant that his facility will be set up in order that the children who pass through it will find both physical comfort and emotional support upon arrival. The facility will be fully furnished, including computers, television, books and games. Support for the shelter has come from unlikely sources such as Texas Wire Wheels, who donated money to complete the facility’s showers and Austin promoter Layne Schmerin, who is planning a concert in his city in late October with 35 percent of the proceeds going to Trae’s shelter. Day-to-day operations of the shelter will be handled by Roderick Batson.
"The only bad thing is that it's an emergency shelter.” Says Trae. “The kids will only be there a few days. Realistically, I can't adopt every kid. But this is a start. This is how we can help. I want them to feel comfortable when they're there. Sometimes they'll be placed with good families or new families that they don't know, but when they're there, I want them to know they are cared about."
If you would like to help or donate please visit: here.